Terse Soliloquy

awesome spiritual nourishment

As a bookworm, I crave to devour on good books in various genre. Among the numerous topics, I opt to feed on leaves that invigorate my spirituality and hasten my spiritual metamorphosis.

Yesterday, I got one of the best gifts I ever received this year from a dear friend, Melanie Jacinto. LOVE OUT LOUD speaks a thousand messages even without delving yet its content. It’s a devotional book written by women of diverse cultures and walks of life, and yet unified in one theme — GOD! Love Out Loud is a love that is heard, is seen, and is felt. 365 stories of personal encounters with God thrill me as I long to feast on each leaf in a daily basis.

Loquacious is a word that describes me and yet unknown to many, I love soliloquy! As much as I wanted to talk, discuss and share, I often long to come away, spend more time alone with Him who knows and understands me better than I; who audibly utter words of comfort, hope and love even amid the deafening silence.

quiet times during a four-day exploration at Mt. Apo (Philippine's highest mountain) 04.20.08

Silence is my fort, ironic it may be, but there alone I can fully express –soliloquy. I might appear insane to those who may not relate well, who may be surprised that I have that habit; and yet I would still prefer to spend some more time with my soliloquy…terse soliloquy, yet LOVE OUT LOUD with Him whose love knows no language!



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