God Must Have Gone Crazy!

People can do the craziest thing, can think of the craziest idea and can give the craziest conclusion.

Sweetly thrilling. Softly and yet painfully killing.

If people could go crazy, would it be possible with the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God?

GOD MUST HAVE GONE CRAZY!? Where on earth have I got the guts to write about this? You may think I’ve gone crazy instead.  If you feel this article would change your perception about God and His love, keep reading and please set aside your impression about the title with a prayerful heart.

“You’re in a commitment, a man-woman relationship; you’re so in-love, head over heels! But suddenly you found out that your lover is “boating in two rivers”. In layman’s term, he or she is a “two-timer”. What would be your honest reaction and what would you do?  This was the situation and question I threw to my loving friends, Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) Student Missionaries when we had a discussion during sundown worship last Saturday. Our topic is about the gospel, as it was on previous sundown worships. When I was invited to speak, I opted to share it in a different way. I preferred facilitating, rather than preaching.

I grouped them into four and made it sure that in each group, there’s a balance; there are those who’ve never been to a relationship, who’ve been in a relationship and who are in a relationship and who are contemplating to be in a relationship. There were four groups formed. Ten minutes allotted wasn’t enough for sharing, so it was doubled. There had been serious and funny reactions, everyone shared their perspectives and experiences. Then each group was given 3-5 minutes each to share what’s the most interesting reaction/experience. Among 16 young people (ages 18-28), three experienced as a jilted lover, cheated by their former lovers. Two were ladies and one, a man. For them, it was very painful. One had a hard time moving on for years. But all of them turned to be better persons instead of remaining bitter. They wouldn’t know Jesus more and build deeper relationship if not for that experience; they learned to be grateful even they had a hard time. Isn’t it great? But when I asked everyone to place themselves in the shoes of the one who cheated, the two timer; their facial reactions changed.

After the sharing, I shared to them that I posted that similar situation and question in my Facebook wall on July 27, 2011, and I got various comments, most of the reactions were RAGE, BITTERNESS, REVENGE; you can name all the normal reaction from a jilted lover. But there’s a comment that I liked most: “Pull your lover back to your river and make your river better.” – Pastor Glenn M. Lagabon. I stated the motive why I posted it on the latter part. I just want to know peoples different reactions and I respected each of the comments. I learned from everyone and though I haven’t been in that situation, I felt comforted. However, I placed myself in the situation of the unfaithful lover, and God, the jilted lover. I could only stand in awe for great is His faithfulness! For how many times I cheated and betrayed him, it may be almost the number of sands, and yet when I come to him for reconciliation, He accepts and forgives me; as if I didn’t sin. He even gave up everything to win the sinful mankind with His only Precious, Sinless Son. Oh, God must have gone crazy! Crazy in love with me…and so with you! Even the angels were astonished when the Sovereign of the Universe gave up all for the fallen world!

With my finite mind and sinful nature, I might have concluded that God must have gone crazy. It was my initial reaction when I first encountered the book of Hosea. When I delved deeper about His unfathomable and mysterious love in the light of the Gospel, I can still react that way. The term “crazy” may seem to impose negative thoughts on God, but please don’t get me wrong! It’s to express my astonishment to His inexpressible love. But He’s never insane, and never will He be. He’s not like us, people who could love blindly. He only loves unconditionally!

If you’re a church pastor or a minister and God appear to you in dreams mandating you to marry a prostitute or a known nymphomaniac, what would be your reaction? You may say, “God, are you sure? How about my reputation, I am your servant and yet I will be a stumbling block, that’s a crazy idea! God, you must have gone crazy!”  That’s actually what I imagined when God told Hosea to marry a prostitute. But He never questioned God and His motive, he faithfully followed though he had greater risks and he suffered many times being cheated, betrayed and rejected by Gomer. The reason why God told him to do so is found in Hosea 1:2, to rebuke His people for their apostasy, “the vilest adultery in departing from the Lord.”  I strongly concur with Ty Gibson when he stated, “Hosea’s prophecy clearly calls for a revolutionary paradigm shift in our perception of God and our manner of relating to Him.” An Endless Falling in Love p. 126.

According to testimonies of friends and family, and even according to my experience, the more you love, the more hurt you are when you are rejected, cheated and betrayed. You can name some famous jilted lovers like Princess Diana and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton who suffered a lot from the consequences of unfaithfulness of their beloved husbands. It dramatically changed their lives. What if you place your self on their shoes? Would you be bitter or would you be better?

The pangs of love triangle.

“None of us can escape being wounded. But it’s what we do with the wounds that really matters. Jesus was wounded again and again, but He didn’t succumb to His wounds. Instead, He learned from His suffering. He showed us that what counts is not how we are wounded but by how we handle our wounds. We can learn to find peace in the midst of our wounding.” Facing Frenemy Fire, p.81

Love triangle is rampant both in movies and in true-to- life stories. But there’s only one love triangle that heaven approves. Oh, God must have gone crazy to approve! Yet that’s a love relationship with God as the third party. There’s no perfect relationship, but there are successful ones; ones centered in GOD!

Are you in a relationship? Have been in a relationship? Contemplating to be in a relationship? You can choose not to be the unfaithful lover, no matter how you’ve been a jilted lover. Just think how God has been ‘crazy’ in love with you!

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~LAF 2011



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2 responses to “God Must Have Gone Crazy!

  1. Oh wow! That was a great example of being optimistic and well I don’t really believe in God but I like your ideas of viewing things, “put urself in the position of the one who is cheating” excellent, I just wish everyone could come and read this post. 🙂

  2. Hi Sharvil! I dunno why I forgot to respond to your comment. I appreciate that you took time reading this article. 😀 Have a great day! 🙂

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