For the Love of Survival: Pamper’s Mischief, Daisy’s Misfortune

How would you react if your loving plant  was savaged by a cuddly and yet cunning pet of your loving neighbor-friend?

Blooming Daisy, sandwiched by Mimi and me, weeks before the incident.

Dignified Daisy, an awesome gift.

depressing condition of Daisy, new leaf is budding after few weeks of the incident

blade of hope

Awe-stricken, I tried to abandon my sleuth attitude when I saw the pot with no leaves at all. There are only few short stalks peeping from the soil. Hurt to see Daisy, I was reminded of the day we moved from Luisiana on July 29, 2011. We left the poor plant at the wellness home in Luisiana when we moved my sick sister Leah to our apartment near the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP). Among the most-valued possessions, Daisy is cherished; for it is a gift of my sister’s best friend, Beryl, who’s my dear friend too! The fact that we brought the beautiful daisy in that far place on June, carried it well so it won’t be damaged when we’re on travel, made me annoyed when I learned that it was recklessly devoured by Pamper. Daisy suffered a lot from the bad weather in Luisiana. Her leaves were torn due to heavy rain and strong winds during a fierce storm. A week after the transfer, I went back to the wellness home to visit and see to it that I get Daisy to be back with us. How I wish Daisy remained there when I knew that her fate would be sad such as that.

looks can be deceiving...look at Pamper's eye!

scenic view from the fourth floor where Pamper used to visit for a drink

“Where’s Pamper?” I appeased myself and reminded not to scold the cuddly bunny. He reminds us of our poor Peachu, our own bunny that was savaged by a careless cat. Since we all miss our dear Peachu, we treated Pamper as our own pet. There, in the corner of my friend’s unit on the third floor, I saw his white furs moving a bit. I didn’t care to come near. I don’t want to hurt the rabbit though I still grieve for Daisy. I have loved Pamper so much! I used to give him vegetables like “kangkong” (swamp cabbage), cabbage, “kamote” tops (sweet potato), carrots, to name a few. He’s been a regular visitor of our apartment on the fourth floor. I appreciate his effort to climb the two adjacent ladders from the third floor, get in our house and entertain us a bit. He also used to visit to drink water from the drippings of the water tank located opposite to our unit and to search for food at our trashes. Being vegetarians, Pamper might have appreciated that most of our trashes are peelings of fruits, left over vegetables and other edibles. I wonder why he seems to be always hungry while my friend who owns him, provides his food in bounty. Maybe he has pervert appetite and he’s gluttonous, I thought when I caught him eating some avocado peelings from the trashes. He proved me right later when I saw Daisy in her horrible condition! Maybe, I was wrong, he might be too hungry and dying, and he just wanted to survive!

looking so innocent

caught in the act...looking so sleepy

munchin' cabbage at a distance

munchin' and munchin' again

“How can I teach him a lesson?” I asked myself as I stare at Pamper. He looked pitiful and you would doubt that he committed a crime, if you’ve seen him! Till this time, I haven’t given him any due disciplinary action. Instead, I gleaned lessons from the sad incident and Pamper’s shenanigan:

SELFLESSNESS vs. SELFISHNESS – We humans are naturally born selfish. You can see it from babies. Whenever they are hungry, they would cry hard and they wouldn’t mind if their moms have milk or food to feed them, or if they missed a sweet slumber during the night. They also seek much attention, even if they are cuddled, still they cry even if they’re not sick. That’s only a personal perspective; I’d been a baby too! Now that I’m grown up, I would confess, I use to be selfish in many ways still. I am not proud of that, and I’m struggling to overcome it.

looking so pitiful...

Pamper seemed very selfish that he even ate a floral plant. Maybe he thought it’s a vegetable. Whatever his reason was, Daisy deserves justice. As I observed Daisy, I was reminded of God’s selfless and unconditional love when He gave up His all through Jesus Christ. Jesus chose to be selfless too! How come the Majesty of heavens suffered much from His birth in the manger till His crucifixion at Calvary?  It’s for the love of survival, and it’s not just temporal survival, it’s eternal. God wants us to survive the sinful and selfish life by the grand example of His beloved Son’s selfless life. It’s really possible through the power that He alone can give when we surrender our will!

budding leaves that give me inspiration

HOPE vs. DESPAIR – It’s depressing to see Daisy in that pitiful condition, and yet I am glad that she is surviving now. From the short stalks, a leaf is growing with a great promise of a beautiful plant! My faith is renewed as I relate Daisy’s misfortune with our family crucible. When my brother Ben Jathniel died and ate Leah’s health got severe, ( we’ve been in despair. But giving up was never our option. Praises to God’s grace of helping us survive in all aspect! I can’t just imagine how we would become if He wasn’t our refuge during the storms of trials.

He plants me like a seed and watches as I grow. He waters me with love, and shield me from the cold. My tender leaves may bend beneath the storm and wind. But comes the morning sun, I'm growing strong again."

green gives me life! Go GREEN for LIFE!

verdant Daisy with a budding blossom

Now that Daisy’s leaves are growing, I see more hope. I would simply be planted in the garden of God’s heart for the love of survival!

*Photos credit to Mimi Nero, pictures of Pamper and Daisy were taken by the author

~LAF 2011


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