Hodgepodge of Travels and Adventures: A Bookworm’s Reward

curious stuffed toys

Born as a natural clown, I loved laughing; though at times, jokes are crack…corny! But I found a concoction of awesome ones. As a travelover and a nature buff, I found it really fascinating!

“It’s true that travel broadens the mind. It also wrecks havoc on the digestive tract and one awfully weary of the T-shirt one’s been wearing every other day for months”. I concur with Ayun Halliday when she unraveled the most hilarious and gruesome adventures she had locked up in a seemingly treasure chest with a caution, “NO TOUCH MONKEY!”.

hodgepodge of hilarious travels and adventures!

I bumped again into this book after abandoning it at our previous apartment. I started reading it then, but due to priorities, I set aside feasting on this package of witty adventures. My bad, it seemed, I left a plate of my fave Veggie Curly Mac Pomodoro half-eaten when I saw it again recently. It wasn’t spoiled though, that’s good with books, LOL! We moved to a new apartment and during the time we packed some possessions, I unraveled a treasure unnoticed!

I can relate with Stephen Colbert from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he muttered, “I laughed hard on nearly every page of this shockingly intimate travel memoir and deeply funny book.” Last night, I laughed out loud while munchin’ Nachos dipped in mouth-watering Tostitos salsa (my own home-made Mexican salsa tastes better though). I could have choked more. I read only 60 pages and fell into the abyss of sweet slumber with a gawky face – I smiled? I bet, I did.

Meet the woman behind the Monkey

I won’t convince you to taste my book. I compel you, if my epiphanies aren’t convincing enough. But like Jennifer Leo, the editor of Sand in My Bra and Other  Misadventures, I grin with a red light: “Travelers beware! Written with spunk and fast-flying wit, Ayun Halliday defines misadventure, and shows that getting dirty can be done with grace.”

NO TOUCH MONKEY! But you can grab a copy of it! Travel and laugh with me!

*Photos were taken by the author

~LAF 2011


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