Epiphany of a Lass with a Quasi-Afro Hair

Messed and tangled curly hair…screams of fear mingled with boisterous laughter… you might have concluded that my head has gone out of work if you have witnessed what happened. Can you vividly picture? I look crazy even if you wouldn’t admit it.

It wasn't a bad hair day though! *Photo credits to Jeruel Ibanez, taken on May 15, 2011 @ Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) Compound

I might have gone in a state of shock; it was more than another bad hair day. My quasi-Afro hair (it wasn’t as long as it is now) was carelessly pulled by our neighbor’s monkey. Without mercy, he strangled my poor crowning glory using his hands and mouth, looking for cooties; but he found none. Much confusion flooded my sweat and saliva- bathed head. I didn’t know if I would scream for fear or for laughter when he licked my head with his slimy tongue. Ugggh! Gross! Yay! I was ticklish! But it wasn’t funny after all!

as a lass with a quasi-Afro hair during grade III

My school mates from PAES (Pinamalayan Adventist Elementary School) who’ve seen the incident just watched, laughing out loud from a distance; as if I was performing for a best-comedian actress award! I almost cried due to humiliation and annoyance. Donny was bitten by that same monkey earlier and I sought to help by shooing away the silly creature, using my heroic instinct, not knowing he will also attack me. He might have liked my hair more than the horrible wee blood-sucking creatures he wished to catch on my head. I just mused to appease myself, even I want to be hysterical and wrangle the monkey with my Olive-turned-Popeye adrenaline rush. But I felt so helpless instead.

seriously flaunting my big hair during a friend's wedding *Photo credits to Jeruel Ibanez, taken on April 25, 2010 @ Philippine International Church

That was a bad experience, and yet till this time I giggle every time I remember it. It was reminded by this awesome book I’m feasting with. This article is a sequel of my previous post, “Hodgepodge of Travels and Adventures: A Bookworm’s Reward”, Ayun Halliday’s outrageous and hilarious adventures in her book NO TOUCH MONKEY! I haven’t been to Bali, Indonesia; but I wish I could have visited it when I was invited by Pastor Jobbie Yabut, the Youth Director of Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD) for the Young Professionals Retreat on October last year. I could have seen myself the funny warning signs like one I found in her book “NO TOUCH MONKEY!”.

friendly yet funny WARNING *sign credits to Ayun Halliday and SEAL Press

There are no warning signs in the vicinity of the Underground River in Palawan. But there are several monkeys roaming around and one of us, delegates of a youth congress on December 2002 had a funny encounter. Even our guest speaker from England was laughing when his plastic bag of goodies was almost snatched by a cunning monkey. Monkeys aren’t bad, but they can be worst beyond your wild imagination can grasp.

Ate Leah, bonnet-clad me, Franz and Zola during the Under Ground River Exploration, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 12.27.02

My imagination was more than wild when I think of writing a rebuttal for the evolution theory. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a debater. I hope I can be more creative enough to scribble a hilarious one. As a child, I’d been a voracious bookworm and I read some books that tell about man’s transformation from an ape, and even when I was reading Science books, it seemed words come to life and lo, I found it a nightmare during daytime – a day mare! I can vividly remember how I violently reacted one time that I threw the book and kept telling myself, “OH NO! If they believe they are from a monkey, let them be; my breed is of high-class, I was created in the image of God!”

I’m more than grateful to God for my loving parents who introduced the Holy Bible and taught Biblical principles that served as my light in this fiction/superstition/tradition-messed world. We are daily exposed to half-truths and blatant lies that benumb us to feel some things are wrong and there are truths which almost bite us, yet we ignore them — stiff-necked. You can see those in the television, movies, books, websites, and billboards, almost everywhere. But God’s litmus test never changed: “To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this WORD, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20. The Holy Bible is our lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119: 105). God’s WORD serves as a compass that leads us to the right direction, as we sojourn as pilgrims in this world. It also unshackles us from the bondage of deceit and defeat. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32 The Holy Writ was scribbled by mere humans yet guided by the Holy Spirit.

How could we let others’ mind and theory manipulate our own? God gave humans a unique brain, far better than that of monkey’s; to represent His creative and restorative power! Pause and ponder on how God intricately molded Adam from the dust by His own hands! Remember, all animals including monkeys were created on the sixth day: “And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:25

Would you agree? Just imagine! *Photo credits to Google

Human beings were SET APART! “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1: 26-27 KJV

God even conducted the first surgery when He took Adam’s 12th rib and transformed it into a woman, Eve. Wouldn’t it be too unfair on our Creator’s part to think people just came from apes? King David jubilantly expressed his wonder about human mechanism, “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works and that my souls knows well.” Psalms 139: 14 Oftentimes, common sense is what we need. There are brilliant people who lack common sense that bring them mischief and misfortune. I might not be brilliant enough, but let’s go back to my encounter with our neighbor’s monkey; I lacked common sense!

How about the promulgator of the evolution theory? Do you think he used that CS factor? He might have been an atheist. Man, I may be rude, but that’s a mind-has-gone-out-of-work idea to say we humans came from apes!  But people will be judged according to the truth he received. This is just my two cents. If I’ll ask you, would you agree you came from those hairy-twitchy creatures? Would you be proud of that? Would you look straight to my eyes and say, you do?

Even if you warmly extend your hand with a grin, I would only bid hello!  After all, “NO TOUCH MONKEY!”

Kudos to those who use their common sense! *Photo credits to Kenneth Salak

~LAF 2011



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3 responses to “Epiphany of a Lass with a Quasi-Afro Hair

  1. Just a silly question, how would anyone explain the evolution of the reproductive system before it became functional? You see, according to evolution, natural selection plays a crucial role in the development of a specie. Now this- according to evolution- happens through micro evolutionary changes transferred through the genes of the parents to the children. But before the plant species developed a complete reproductive system, any changes would have been completely impossible. Hence, the evolution of the reproductive system is impossible, proving that evolution is seriously flawed 🙂 Yes, there are many other examples proving the incontestably of the theory. While this might only be one, it is a very big one that cannot be bridged. Darwin himself said that if a complete system within a living being could be found, that could not come about due to numerous small,consecutive changes, it would prove his entire theory wrong. Now it is evident that the small changes cannot come about without the reproductive system being fully developed and functioning, hence by Darwin’s own words, evolution is impossible… written by me, feel free to copy, paste and share as much as you like

  2. Hey Mikey! It’s been ages before I respond, sorry for taking long. Thanks a lot for taking time to read my post and for bringing up that intuitive question. It made me ponder too! I could agree with you, there’s inconsistency with Charles Darwin’s theory in itself.Thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts and for your e-books shared. I owe you introspection about the profound book you wrote. 🙂 more power to your ministry!

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