Rainy days remind me of sweet and sour memories 🙂 * Photo credits to Anthony Esguerra, taken at Trinoma on June 6, 2010

It was raining cats and dogs!

The thud of the rain surpassed my cell phone’s alarm. It worked still. It awakened me past four o’clock at dawn on August 27, 2011. The gravitational pull underneath my bed was strong. It seemed my back was glued though obviously it’s ironic; we’re on the fourth floor of the pink apartment. Instead of waking up, I turned the alarm off. The garrulous wind lulled me to slumber. I didn’t resist.

But I can’t resist anymore when it was half past five. I stood sluggishly and prepared for my travel to Pasay. After some hours, I was riding a bus and lo, the adventure continued. With me were my friends, Aldrian and Ailene whom I convinced to come with me. They had another plan, but they found it very interesting to join me, it was a providential working. The travel was more interesting than we could imagine.

It was drizzling.

The cold temperature inside the bus added numbness to some guys whom I consider more pathetic than us. I didn’t care; after all, I was used to it. That’s so pathetic on my side too.

It was no longer drizzling.

It was already lunch. The wonderful Sabbath service was done. We were spiritually full, the message was sumptuous. It was time for literal food! Lots of delicious dishes were served, including my lettuce salad garnished with sugar beets, carrots, kernel corn and cucumber. That was very memorable because I prepared it there and an extra effort was made ‘coz I brought all the ingredients all the way from Silang, Cavite. The organic lettuces were harvested from the Food Production’s hydroponics green house at AUP.

Jimmy Jr., making fun of his sweetheart’s (Jana Lei Macaya) cello * Photo credits to Jimmy Tagala, Jr.

Soulful rendition during his concert tour in U.S.A. *Photo credits to Adventist News Network

Munching the lettuce, I wondered how our talk’s topic was diverted, from food to love. During that lunch, I was sitting next to fine young men. Jimmy Tagala, Jr. (virtuoso violinist, former Promil Kid, a National Treasure) offered me a seat, he sat opposite to Daniel Tagala (superb cellist, former Promil Kid) and Marc Seifert (football player, model, and youngest brother of Sandra SeifertMiss Earth Air ’09). I saw the twinkle in their eyes, they’re interested with the topic; I almost forgot, they’re no longer kids! Being cautious not to intrigue, I asked them random questions that gave me great fulfillment; my brothers were talking deep: “These days, it’s rare to find true love, isn’t it ate Lan?” asked Daniel. I just grinned. “You don’t find love, love finds you”, Marc replied. Jimmy shared the fun of relationship beyond distance, his sweetheart, Jana is in a Medical School. ‘Twas a great discussion. We didn’t notice that time flew so fast.

portrait of the BROTHERS THAT PLAY, PRAY & PRAISE TOGETHER, Tagala Brothers (left to right) Jimmy Jr., David, Jonathan, Samuel and Daniel *Photo credits to Jimmy Tagala, Jr.

Watch Tagala Brothers at Malacanang Palacehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTtOQcisYDw&feature=related

More than Fit, Fab & Famous: Seifert Siblings (from left to right) Michael, Sandra, Stefan and Marc * Photo credits to Sandra Seifert

Marc and Sandra during light moments *Photo credits to Marc Seifert

I gave them time to throw questions too, knowing that “MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS”. Men have different perspectives when it comes to love. I also mentioned a book for women to read: “ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN.” There, three young men shared how they could handle situation like what I’ve written in my previous blog post, “GOD MUST HAVE GONE CRAZY.” They laughed at first, and then they became serious. I am sure these breed of young men are gentlemen, as far as I know them personally. They were astonished when I told them my perspective about being a gentleman, I entitled, “IF I WERE A BOY…”, my musing during the bus travel earlier that morning.

“IF I WERE A BOY…”, I told Ailene and Aldrian. “I already have a new article for my blog!”, I told them with gaiety. They were a bit confused. I had my musing the moment we rode the bus till we arrived in Pasay, article done. It was Ailene’s first time to do standing ovation on travel. “See? Where are the gentlemen?” I told her, and apologize for the inconvenience. She said its ok, for reality masked off the idea that gentlemen are endangered specie nowadays. During the travel, I hoped that there would be good guys to offer their seats to us. I think I was dignified-looking enough to be offered one. I was wearing formal attire since we’re going to church: a white cotton blouse, pencil-cut black skirt, covered by a grayish coat, and a leather and pointed-black shoes decked with a rose (black leather). But nobody offered a seat. It was cold, and the cold treatment made me think, they’re more pathetic than us, though they’re sitting. “IF I WERE A BOY… I WILL OFFER A LADY A SEAT.

It was drizzling.

“IF I WERE A BOY…”, my seemingly skeptic mind ran as I glimpse the grinning driver beside me. I can’t count how many times he stared at me since I ride the jeepney from Blumentrit LRT station on August 31, 2011. It was dusk, and the rain made it more inconvenient to travel. I was on my way to my aunt’s home, stuck in the irksome traffic. It seemed forever.

The driver still stared at me, once in awhile when we’re in the highway bound to Banawe. I was surprised when he said, “Miss, pwede bang hingin number mo, text mate tayo (can I get your number, let’s be textmates), please?”, with his eyes gazing at my face, down. Bewildered, I didn’t respond. I thought I misheard. He asked me twice, thrice, and told me, “bakit hindi ba pwede? Magagalit ba asawa mo? (isn’t it ok? Your husband would be angry?) “…ang ganda-ganda mo kc”, he added. ‘Twas more than uncomfortable (for heaven’s sake, do I look married? nya, nya,nya!) I want to say, “PARA!” and run… walk out and freak out; but I held my peace. I told him that I don’t just give my number and I’m sorry I can’t be a text mate. I responded so civil, trying to give respect to this man; about late thirties of age, to my estimation. He was not that ugly, but he was scary. I had more goose bumps.

I have goose bumps still though I’m already out of the jeepney. I felt humiliated ‘coz the other passengers heard the driver. I felt cheap. But I’m not cheap ‘coz neither do I flirt around nor entertain such. Even when I was to go out of the jeepney, he still begged for my number. I checked my outfit, what made him interested? I was wearing a below-the-knee-floral skirt, yellow sleeveless top, covered with a cardigan. It’s modest enough. Maybe that’s the driver’s attitude, to flatter and to victimize passengers. For me, a glance from a guy is okay, but a lingering look – staring like he wanna eat you, is a NO-NO! “IF I WERE A BOY…I WILL QUIT STARING, AND WON’T CAST A LUSTFUL LOOK ON WOMEN.”

It was drizzling still.

I was on my way home from Carriedo station. I entered the LRT with a sigh due to the heavy stuff I was carrying. That was yesterday. There were these guys, perhaps college students and office workers who glanced at me. I was hoping to be given a seat. Reality knocked me. I stood till we reached more stations. Duh?! Why hope? There are very few gentlemen nowadays…hehe (I sound feminist LOL!). But I was wrong, there was a man who offered a seat. A man with no name, yet with an identity…a gentleman! “IF I WERE A BOY…I WILL MIMIC THIS GENTLEMAN.”

It is raining cats and dogs.

I might have failed to post my two cents last Sunday as I have planned, but I’ve seen the purpose of its delay. It was never late after all. The thud of the rain is a rhythm to my heart’s thump-thump. I won’t forget that through my adventures, there was this TRUE GENTLEMAN that was beside me, I only forgotten. He is JESUS, the GENTLEMAN of all times, SOMEONE I look up to, even IF I WERE not A BOY. ^_^

~LAF 2011

Sequel: Because I’m a Girl



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7 responses to “IF I WERE A BOY…

  1. Jessika Dené Tarr

    I love your writing style! It really drew me in. Cute photo too.

  2. Much gratitude to your appreciation Jessica! I’m overjoyed to hear from you! God bless! ^_^

  3. Asa ka pah! Do NOT expect para nde ka ma frustrate…but meron pah ring gentleman….far and few nga lang! in LRT/MRT, first come…sits! Late ka…expect to stand unless preggy, very very old or disabled pero kung gurlaloo ka lang na subnormal or normal…khit above normal…better wait until some1 stand up and disembark. notice ang mga style ng mga boys….nagtutulug tulugan,,,,nakatungo, nakatingin sa malayo…or reading or making text messages…no pansin kahit kyut pa yung naka stand. sorry pero accept reality…prepreho kayo nagbabayad hehehe

  4. That’s an honest comment Sir Ronnie! Thanks for taking time to read my post and to give your two cents 🙂
    I wonder now what style do you use in MRT/LRT…LOL!

  5. haven’t rode MRT/LRT for awhile at bihira akong maka tyempo na maka-upo kc nga ayoko ng siksikan….suffocate ako so better just to stand up barely enough to lean beside a wall… pro
    xempre, automatic na kung kilala ko yung girl…she may take my so-precious seat hehehe

  6. 🙂 walang MRT/LRT sa States like what we have here in Manila LOL!

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