Depressing Debris from Devastating Pedring

According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA), “Pedring was located 100 kilometers east of Baguio City, with maximum sustained winds of 120 kph and with gustiness of 150, moving at 19 kph. ” NDJ World, Sept. 26, 2011

The excerpt was taken from a news, published three days ago. The media had been too generous in updating us about the haunting visit of Typhoon Pedring in the country. The storm swept so fast with great fury, leaving depressing debris.

Here are some photos shared by Daryl Kirtley, a friend who was stranded in Manila after accompanying her husband at the airport on September 27, 2011. These were taken by Paulo Payumo, a superb photographer. One of the photos looks weird because they seem to enjoy the typhoon. These were the captured moments at Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

Fun during the typhoon’s fury.

Flooded BAYWALK along Roxas Boulevard

The same venue was taken the following day. It was a depressing sight. The other two photos were taken by Dr. Ian Kenneth on September 28, 21011. The government would spend millions of pesos to reconstruct it. I didn’t include photos of more depressing sights of wrecked and flooded slums, damaged streets and other facilities.

The Day After

A man looks for scraps, finding a living from the depressing debris of devastating Pedring.

We are living at Silang, Cavite. The area had signal number 1 typhoon, but it was quite terrifying on our part. We live in the fourth floor of an apartment with my three siblings. The fierce wind mingled with the thud of the rain, hitting the wall, was scary. Because the electricity was cut, we had a great difficulty. My sister Leah undergone tracheotomy and she has a bad cough since last week. She had a hard time breathing because of her phlegm, we can’t use the suction machine to take her phlegm. We hardly slept on the night of September 27, 2011.

God is still gracious because JR, my brother who serves as her nurse aside from me and my sister Zola, made a way to do manual suction taught by a nurse friend. We can’t cease to thank God for the enlightening promises in the Bible that brightened our minds. God is indeed a shelter in the time of storm! We can only find true refuge in His love.

I saw this picture from I entitled it, “Haunting Light”. It’s fascinating because it looks haunting, but the illumination of the house reminds me of God’s great mercy. Our family had been through horrible nightmares in our crucibles in the past, but we were enlightened and encouraged more because we saw the guiding light of the LIGHT of the World though His WORD.

This picture reminded me also of the book that I read last year, Patience Amidst Trials and Affliction by Dr. Samuel Pipim. The scene of tranquil gave me a piece of peace!

Jesus is the light that shines, He always shines the brightest…and He will guide me home!

~LAF 2011



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4 responses to “Depressing Debris from Devastating Pedring

  1. I have been blessed reading this. thank you Lailanie. We can only find peace in God.

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