Grudge and Gratitude

We were aware that the heavy rain last night was a signal of typhoon Quiel’s arrival.

The music that enveloped the place, surpassed the thud of the rain. It was more than drizzling. It was a reviving and melodious night, orchestra  renditions of awesome pieces which gave life to most children’s stories and games. It filled the Finster Hall of all Nations. The concert, entitled “Toys and Dreams”, was presented by the Music Department. At that moment, I felt young again!

I was on my way home from a concert at the Adventist University of the Philippines’ campus. It was past nine o’clock. The heavy rain poured again. How God provided a free ride was a history.

My earlier post was about the depressing debris that typhoon Pedring left. It was actually only a glimpse of the horrible scenario that seem to hunt more victims and non-victims alike until today. But it seems that the new storm would devastate more lives and properties. I can only utter prayers for the victims and their bereaved families. Many people haven’t coped up yet; it would be very painful to have the same fate or even worse, to have greater misfortunes than what they’ve experienced!

We were watching news updates from the television when my ate Leah requested channel be changed because the news were giving greater stress. I obeyed.

The rain became furious late this afternoon till dusk.

Then Zola came with a sunshine! Yes it was a sunshine, but not the literal one! It illumined her face. It banished the irksome response for the bad weather. It was her gratitude for keeping her safe during her travel and for the presents she gave us.

Zola showed the book entitled  God’s Tender Care with excitement! She bought it for ate Leah, so we can have a new book for reading time. We read to her devotional books or inspiring testimonies and memoirs. The inspiration gained lightens her every time we have reading sessions. Depression strikes some times. It is also painful on our part to see and hear succumb in despair. But we all know that it’s the devil’s lair. But she manage to laugh and even make jokes most of the times. God is the only one who sustain her and give her faith, to fight, and  to survive.

A treasure chest of God's miraculous love and care.

God’s Tender Care is an awesome memoir written by Joni Eareckson Tada, a best-loved author, speaker, and artist.

“As a result of a diving accident, has lived in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the shoulders down, for over thirty years. “So many actions, sensations, thoughts, and feelings were crowded into that fragment of time,” Join recalls so clearly the details of those few dozen seconds — seconds destined to change my life forever. And there was no warning or premonition.” Introduction, GTC p. 4

I read to her the first entry, “Strength… While You Wait”. As her life is being unfolded to me, I’m thrilled to know how God spared her life for possible death and yes, for the devouring depression she fought with. I can’t imagine more than thirty years of being shackled with paralysis. Even the thought is already depressing.

“Those who hope (wait) upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31 NIV

My sister Leah is not the only one waiting on the Lord for more miracle to happen. Since she has tumors in her spinal cord and was diagnosed having CIDP or the chronic counterpart of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, she had an ascending paralysis for more than five months and was bed-ridden since April, 2011 (please read older post, “Life’s a Mystery-Filled Miracle” for her story of second life endowment).

Flowers, however simple they are, make ate Leah special. A mini bouquet I bought from a trip to Tagaytay. Tomorrow, October 3, marks a month after her 29th birthday.

We are hoping and praying that one day, God willing, she may be able to walk again; run again; hike again. Serve more for the furtherance of God’s work, like what she did when she was still well. Yet, we can only ask God to teach and help us to be patient amid the trials and tribulation.

“Waiting on God means confidently trusting that God knows how much I need and can take…Those who wait for Him in their distress will receive strength and endurance which others know nothing about.” ~ Joni Tada

There might be more depressing scenes and situations we may encounter. I also consider the victims of the typhoons, Pedring and Quiel. But beyond the crucibles of life, there’s a sunny side to look upon. So, turn way from the stormy ones!

However, the trials are blessings in disguise. It’s how you handle trials that matters. It’s a gift! It is a blessing to have peace during troubled times. Only God can grant true peace that passes understanding.

Being grateful for the sunny side of life is better than holding grudge for the stormy side.

There are only two choices to choose from: it’s either be grateful or be hateful. Grudge and gratitude can’t mingle together, or else it will spoil life.

What would you choose and keep?

©LAF 2011



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5 responses to “Grudge and Gratitude

  1. AJ

    My vote goes to gratitude. A blogger friend once wrote that the opposite of sadness is not happiness but gratitude. When we are grateful, we can never be sad. I think there’s more than a grain of truth there.

    It’s a powerful and hopeful verse you quoted there. Your sister shall renew her strength by waiting on the Lord!

    • Hi Chaching!

      It’s great to hear from you again 😉 Wow! we both like GRATITUDE! Thanks for sharing what your friend wrote. I concur to that 🙂 We can still be grateful despite of trials, and have the inner peace as it is in Jesus.

      When I saw one of your albums in FB taken during the wake of your late Dad, I was touched. I also noticed one of your profile pics with the caption, GOOD NIGHT DAD! For me, that’s a statement of faith, and you added, ‎”in the sweet by and by, we shall meet on the beautiful shore….”. I also hold on to that blessed hope that I can meet my deceased brother on that grand resurrection morn. 🙂

      On God’s own time, my sister would be made truly whole again. Praying for greater faith and perseverance 🙂


  2. when Ellen White was in a state of total paralyzed with severe pain from head to toes due to her stage 4 cancer in her eye she set her mind to GOd talk to Him that He could use her wherever He wants. and when the early dawn came she awoke with a renewed strength and cancer was gone. Because of that disease and commitment–behold the world wide Adventism today. I pray Lea will have faith more. Jer 33:3

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