24 on the 25th

Arj, as I am fond of calling him, is a man of surprises 🙂 I wanted to give him one for his b-day, but there had been unexpected circumstances that hindered me from posting this blog entry on October 25th. However, it’s better late, than none.

Most of the time he is serious, yet  he has a good sense of humor…

Logical, and simply brilliant…

Respectful, thoughtful, trustworthy…

Most importantly, He loves God supremely!

A souvenir shot after delivering a sermon, "The Rich Beggar" at Philippine International Church. (Me, looking somewhere, RJ, Zola & ate Leah)

No wonder, my younger sister, Zola Fiorella fell in love with him. As a supportive sister, I have known some guys who liked my sister, those who tried to win her heart. Most of them are my friends too! Yet only one proved to be God’s will. Oh, this isn’t about Zola after all, this is about her sweetheart, Rhume Jay Becbec.

Blessed and grateful ♥

On our way to Taal Volcano during AUP SM's Retreat on February 14, 2010. I remembered him opening his heart for my sister Zola, asking for advice the night before 🙂 She didn't have any idea what's going on.

Our grad pic “OPTIMUS DEI”, Eagles- LEVEL 4! with friends Dianne Estrada, (Eagle 1) RJ Becbec & Zola Fiorella, (Eagle 4) JD Tolentino & Ailee Sta. Lucia,Rovi Jan Ilagan & Diane Aiza Tolentino, (Eagle 2) Sheldon Randy Imperio & Beryl Jane Casel, Mark Varona & Weanne Myrrh Estrada, and me 🙂

I’ve known Arj for more than four years and I was also blessed with his ministry and camaraderie. We worked together as youth leaders in the Youth Ministries of the Philippine International Church and we are both AUP Student Missionaries. I’m simply grateful for his respect and trust for me as a sister and friend. He also cares much for my family, especially for ate Leah. I can only utter more prayers for the Lord to bless his ministry and love life more. ^_^

©LAF 2011



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