Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." - Psalm 25:2

This picture isn’t rare for me until I received an update about this week’s photo challenge’s theme, HIDDEN 😉

Only my nose, and eye (partly) are hidden in this picture. But this came to my mind when I ponder about the theme. What is the use of a mask? You can jot several uses. One of the most significant is to conceal the face and one is for decorative purpose — a prop. This was taken after the cultural talent show during the SSD-wide (Southern-Asia Pacific Division) International Pathfinder Camporee at the AUP Campus. I borrowed the masks from the performers. At my back are y masked sisters, Zola (biological sister) and Ailene (friend, I consider sister).

I am not fond of hide-and-seek 🙂

This picture fits the theme too! It reminds me also of an awesome book I read a year ago, entitled, “The Woman Behind the Mask.” The author shared her experience of unmasking herself and discovering the joy of unshackling herself from being a “performer” in her life. How she was blessed living a life of aiming to please God and being true to herself, inspired me a lot. I also applied some of the precious lessons I gained.

I reminisced some of the awful moments I tried to wear a mask — a great smile, though my heart was torn and bleeding. And many others. Maybe you can relate. But I didn’t do it to feign my emotion. I tried to be brave, but reality knocked me hard. I rarely do it these days. Being real in dealing with life’s unexpected and expected circumstances is healthy, yet the art of how to deal with it needs discretion and discernment, and much grace from God.

Are you fond of hide and seek? Maybe you enjoy the game, and yet you don’t when it comes to living a life of facade. Pause and ponder.

Happy New Week!

Note: Photo courtesy of Lance Patrick Carolino and Crystal Kim. This blog has a copyright . These pictures should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author

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9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. There is a cute face hiding behind the book ,nice post for this week challenge 🙂

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  3. nelson RN

    Some fun pics you have here! The masks are nice and colorful!

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  6. Great take for this challenge. : )

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