Friday, the 13th

I respect other people’s beliefs, though some are contrary to what I am convicted of, though some are just mere superstitions.

When I was a lass, a distant relative told me not to put money on the table; to her, it would bring bad luck. Some people told me not to sweep the floor at night; to them, it would shoo away blessings. I was told that if I am going somewhere and I met a black cat on my way, I have to go back because something horrible would happen. These are few among the countless superstitious beliefs I’ve encountered. I often wonder why many people are driven by these beliefs, when in fact, nothing bad happens when they were not observed. I did the opposite of what I was told, nothing happened to me. You can’t blame me if I laughed at some beliefs sometimes (not to those who observe them). When we attended a funeral wake, some kids were playing. They were told not to climb a tree, or else, the dead would rise (the funniest, if that’s the truth, bereaved family and relatives should have climbed the trees to bring their deceased loved one back to life).

Last Friday was “Friday, the 13th”.  There are three Friday, the 13th this year, the next two will be on May and July. Many years have passed since I learned from a news article that many people from all walks of life, believed it. It was called “a day of bad luck”. There had been a reasonable explanation why it was labeled that way. Several accidents and unfavorable incidents happened to famous people on a Friday, the 13th. I won’t be able to enumerate them though; my memory can’t retrieve the facts, buried long ago.

I believe that it’s not mere fate that brings a person in an unfavorable situation, as if he/she is destined to suffer or to be miserable. Accidents and sudden deaths can happen anytime, even when you least expect them, even when you prevent them. Most of the times, they are consequences of one’s wrong decisions, actions, or results f other people’s irresponsibility or evil intentions. It’s heart breaking to see and hear people blaming God for all the miseries and problems, when most of those are just fruits of self-destruction. For example, a child who loses his arms on a New Year’s Eve after celebrating with powerful fire crackers (he was reminded by his parents not to play with this hazardous stuff). Another horrible sight to imagine is the huge amount loss when the super typhoon SENDONG swept the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan (a result of illegal logging and environmental abuse). You could add to list other pain-staking health and mental disorders due to substance abuse and other abuses you can think of.

There’s only one Friday, the 13th last year. It was on May. I only realized it now. I may not remember the exact situation we are in, but I could only praise God for the sustaining grace and love He endowed us. That was the time we were at the fury of our family’s storm of trial and affliction. My sister Leah was fighting with a good fight of faith at Philippine General Hospital during those times.  I can only look back with great gratitude, knowing that God allows something to happen for a purpose. After all, His precious gems aren’t left unpolished.

Da's phenomenal birthday 🙂

Last Friday, the 13th was the birthday of my childhood friend, a former colleague at University Voice (my assistant editor). I consider Daryl Fabregas’ birthday, phenomenal. I dedicate this blog entry as a token of gratefulness for the gift of life, God entrusted him once again. He’s a talented person, with good leadership (he was the president of BSN Level IV and the graduating president on 2009 at AUP) and awesome academic achievements (Magna cum Laude). I’ve known him well since childhood days. We grew up in the same church, went to the same church school (I’m ahead of him, of course). I’m blessed that though he faced insurmountable problems in life, he never failed to seek God even in his darkest nights. Although I don’t agree to his other principle and decision in life, I still respect him and I appreciate how he would ask for my prayers and advice. Truly, he is well accepted and loved unconditionally. I’ll always be the same “ate Lan” (sister) he’s known for years.

one fine day

“Christ is the Author of all truth. Every brilliant conception, every thought of wisdom, every capacity and talent of men, is the gift of Christ. He borrowed no new ideas from humanity; for he originated all. But when he came to earth, he found the bright gems of truth which he had entrusted to man, all buried up in superstition and tradition. Truths of most vital importance were placed in the frame-work of error, to serve the purpose of the arch-deceiver. The opinions of men, the most popular sentiments of the people, were glossed over with the appearance of truth, and were presented as the genuine gems of heaven, worthy of attention and reverence. But Christ swept away erroneous theories of every grade. No one save the world’s Redeemer had power to present the truth in its primitive purity, divested of the error that Satan had accumulated to hide its heavenly beauty.” Ellen G. White {Review and Herald, January 7, 1890 par. 9}



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  1. Well said. Well written. All joy in writing today. HF

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