My Hair’s Beau

  • Curlybookworm’s defined curls
natural curls…

“Teacher Lanie, did you change your hair?” one of my former students asked with a great grin. Some middle-school students gathered and fondle my hair. “WOW Teacher Lanie! so beautiful!” they chorused.

Even most of my co-teachers were delighted. Two of them asked if I had it permed. I told them it’s natural. I just had a treatment on Friday, the 13th to enhance my hair.

I got my hair’s beau: hair mousse and moisturizing gel to nurture and beautify my hair. Sometimes I use curl defining hair milk. Most of my friends noticed that I bloomed lately. “Do you have a sweetheart now, somebody’s inspiring you? you’re blooming!” some asked me. “None yet po…it’s the inner happiness that makes the difference.”

Thanks to God for greater inspiration!

loving my curls more!


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