Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple


For the l ♥ ve of Charky (Charcoal)

It amazed me how wonderful God is! He teaches us simple lessons with great benefit for us.

Our cuddly pet, Charky, thought me how to truly listen and communicate…we taught him obedience through some simple command: “Charky sit!” and he learned to follow. “Charky, paw!” and he learned how to extend his paw and place it in my hand; do shake hands, the dog’s way. He made me realize that I need to simply listen and obey God’s voice.

I used to have brisk walking and jogging  with Charky during the few months before I graduate from AUP. Gone were the days I was alone, or sometimes with my friends. He’s been a faithful comrade, though there were times he made me feel sick when he would run so fast especially when we’re already outside the gate. Those days are gone but the memories are still vivid. I missed him badly!

On the night of January 23rd, I had an unforgettable stroll at AUP Campus. I was alone but I enjoyed it. It was strange for me, there had been a new policy and the curfew hour starts at past 7:00 PM; only few students roam around. Unlike before, at that time, many students can be seen everywhere, some were having group worships, others were having choir practices, others were coupling (which was greatly discouraged), while others were jogging. If not for the fact that I’m already an alumna, I would have given an infraction for loitering. I just chuckled at the thought that I would be summoned at the head quarters for that. I passed by the guard with a grin, remembering how he seriously asked me earlier that evening where I’d been and why I was still roaming around. “Bro, graduate na si ma’am!”, another guard told him. He couldn’t look at me well…

tough lady on tough times 🙂 Much gratitude to my STRENGTH, My Ever Faithful Master Guide ♥ taken after a stroll at AUP campus that night..."And so we walk together, My Lord and I".


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