Miraculous Monday

“My week end was delicious!” she beamed with joviality.

I can’t help but to chuckle.

“Can you please explain why did you say so?”

I almost laugh as I asked Odette on Monday morning (my first ESL class), who’s serious while explaining the reason why it was a delicious week end for her. They went to Yellow Cab on the dusk of Saturday for a farewell, special dinner.

Last Saturday afternoon, my friend and colleague, Jaime Bonifacio, went with me at the language academy to visit our students, especially Erica, John and Sam who went back to Korea the following day.  We had great fun and I was overjoyed though I was crying inside. I’m missing them a lot now!

fun farewell 🙂 Teacher Jaime B., Erica and I, with the fraternal twins: Shine and Harry

quality time with Erica

sweet as ever... what a kiss!

intuitive John

SUN shines! 🙂 missin' my college student!

I finally took a video of Erica, singing the song I taught her, “My Bible Says I Have an Angel” Angel Song. The song   really fits her voice and her angelic beauty; she’s one my sweet lil’ angels on Earth

The song reminds me of the truth that angels exists, that God is too loving to send His angels to take care of His precious children.  He appointed to each of us a guardian angel to spare us from possible harms and dangers. But the fact that God allows accident to happen is a different topic to discuss. It takes wisdom and discretion to comprehend such thing. Remember the story of JOB in the Bible. God is too wise to be mistaken after all.

In my previous entry, “Heeding the 8-8-8 Call” https://curlybookworm.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/heeding-the-8-8-8-call/, I mentioned about the night I was spared from possible accident. That incident made lasting impressions. God loves me so much and He had providential workings for me to be able to apply the 8-8-8 protocol. That’s one of the reasons I finally decided to lessen my hours of work at night in the tutorial center. I used to work 10-11 hours each day: juggling the ESL teaching in the language academy in the morning, and TOEFL and TOEIC tutorial work at late afternoon until late evening.

My TOEIC student didn’t come on Monday night, January 16th. I prayed about God’s providential working. If he wouldn’t come for three consecutive times, I would ask our general manager that he could be taken care of by another tutor if in case he would be back to the tutorial center. I waited for him for an hour, and then decided to go. My boss confirmed that his guardian called him, he isn’t coming. I was happy instead, I could go home early.

I dropped by an internet café to update my FB, check my mails and add a new blog entry. It took me time ‘coz I did multitasking, chatting with an awesome friend who used to remind me to go home earlier, always worrying about my safety.

Around 9:30 PM, I was riding a jeepney going home. I wondered why the road was quite congested at Kawad, near the SAF (Special Action Force) Camp.  I was surprised to see an ambulance, the smashed jeepney, some policemen and a patrol car, blocking the way. A vehicular accident happened not long ago. My heart thump-thump, I had goose bumps all over my body. I can’t imagine the scene if I were one of the passengers of the jeepney involved in a collision.

“My Bible says, I have an angel who goes everywhere with me. My angel has been with me since I was born, guarding me faithfully.”

I couldn’t agree more!  It was indeed a miraculous Monday!


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