What Took You So Long?

I’m scared to close my eyes even a blink
Lest the memories of your angelic face
Happy with grace and pensiveness
Would fade…

Won’t dare to cover my ears in slumber
Lest your sweet voice gently flowing
Like a humming river lilt the meadows
Won’t be heard…

Rainbow-hued dawn finally came
My gloomy day—
Shadows of the rainy past
That haunted me—illuminated!

Is this LOVE
That turned everything thrilling?
The concealed sensation
That lit the day?

This life’s great miracle
That made two unlike-hearted merge
Though barred by Leviathans
Will triumph over infatuation’s battle!

mirthful heart

Note: I wrote this poem before I came to AUP. It was published in our University Voice’s Literary Folio, HATINIG S.Y. 2006-2007. To read more of my poems, kindly browse the literary folio: http://www.bc-aupalumni.org/hatinig/hatinigbody.pdf


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