Wearing a red long-sleeve blouse has nothing to do with the Valentine’s Day. It’s more significant to the cold weather. The true story, THE LOVE LETTERS that I discussed with my middle-school student, Al, made significance to the most interesting topic that wasn’t surpassed by any other through the ages.  The chocolate he gave and numerous chocolates from other students made me feel more significant as their teacher. Their warmth and thoughtfulness are much appreciated!

It’s funny how things coincide sometimes. Writing and receiving love letters thrill me! Call me ‘old fashioned’ and I won’t have any rebuttal. I’m not sure what happened to my well-kept box at home with almost overflowing letters and sweet nothings, cherished since my adolescent years. I’m not also sure to whom will I give the billet-doux I’ve written last year, addressed to the man that God has been preparing for me (my future lifetime partner). Cheesy, I may confess, but I thank God for the gift of expression, etched in my heart; scribbled in my palm.

THE LOVE LETTERS is a true story written by Sandra Heyer. It’s about a one-of-a-kind love story that still makes me ponder again and again. It actually facilitated me to have a ‘paradigm shift’.

There was a man named Ming-fu and a woman named Lee who met in a party. For the man, it was love at first sight. They spent the night knowing each other, laughing and talking until 2:00 A.M.

For the next year, they were together every weekend, enjoyed times at movies, museums and restaurants. Then, Ming-fu proposed to Lee at a romantic restaurant. When he asked, “Will you marry me?” Lee had a direct answer: “NO! I’m not yet ready to get married.”

Ming-fu was devastated, but he really loved her and pursued her more. Every day, he wrote a letter and mailed it to her, with the same content “I LOVE YOU… MARRY ME!”

Ming-fu sent Lee 700 letters all together for two years. Every day, the same mailman delivered Ming-fu’s letter to Lee. “Another letter from your boyfriend”, he said with a smile.

Finally, Lee said, “I’m ready to get married now.”

Surprisingly, she didn’t marry Ming-fu. She married the mailman who delivered Ming-fu’s letters.

I laughed out loud again after Al read the story. I actually read the story several times because my other students had the same lesson then. But deep within me, reverberated God’s cry of love manifested on the CROSS: “WILL YOU BE MINE?”

awesome devotional book for 2012

“WILL YOU BE MINE?” is the title of my devotional today from THE CHOSEN. Pastor Dwight Nelson shared his memoir of how he fell in love with his wife Karen. His epiphany about John 3:16 invigorated me. “It’s the call of the chosen, isn’t it? “Will you be mine?” asks God of the universe, who for millennia now has desperately trying to win back the hearts of a runaway and rebel race. “Will you be mine?” Why, it’s as if all the children God already has around His dinner table in heaven aren’t enough – as if He’ll never be really, truly happy and content until we say “YES” and come and join Him too. “Will you be mine?” (The Chosen, p.55)

one of my favorite authors 🙂

Every day, God has been sending His love letters through His WORD, the Bible. But what am I doing? After all HIS proposals, to whom am I committing? To whom am I devoting my time, efforts and emotions?

How about you?



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6 responses to “BILLET-DOUX

  1. arvoinen

    What a funny story. Poor Ming fu.

    It is true, though, that we need to devote our time and energy only to God since He will provide for all the things that we need in due time. He is love, after all. 🙂

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