MASTER GUIDE Summit 2012

An awesome event you shouldn't miss!

Attention CLC, SCLC, and SLM Master Guides, you can now register online:

You can take a look at the picturesque venue:

Some of my favorite MG events:

one of the counselors of the AUP Academy Drill Team, Philippine Contingent for 8th SAUM in Thailand, Dec. 9-14, 2007

with the SSD Youth Director, Pastor Jobbie Yabut

*Rendering dedicatory song with the guitarist, MG Sheldon Imperio. Photo credits to MG Maris Tulayan, taken at PIC during the Induction Ceremony on August 28, 2010

“If your will I may not understand, I know that I am in Your hands and though I fall and stumble, You are always there to lift me up. For You have promised that You’ll be the same. And I know if all is lost, Your love will remain. To see me through each darkened night, that I may walk in faith and not by sight, Lord I dedicate my life to You.”




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