A BIG LEAP for Ani ng Dangal Award 2012

Today is a remarkable day, not just because of the quadrennial 29th day of February that made 2012 a leap year, but because of the grandest surprise of Ani ng Dangal Award (Harvest of Honors) held yesterday,  at the Heroes Hall, Malacañang  Palace.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)  annually renders the prestigious Ani ng Dangal awards to deserving artists. They are the artists who bagged international awards and laurels during the past year.

There were 32 artists from different fields of the arts who received recognition. The most prominent awardee for MUSIC was the Tony Award-winning singer Lea Salonga who was among last year’s Disney Legends Award honorees. OUR VERY OWN, Maestro Ramon “Bojo” Lijauco Jr. (AUP Ambassadors Chorale Arts Society) was given an award too!

To watch the recorded live streaming, click this: Ani ng Dangal 2012

When I read ate Malou Escasa’s post in Facebook about the achievement, I was overwhelmed. God really crowned the efforts of His beloved children. Today, I saw the news on T.V. and I just kept praising the MASTER MUSICIAN, again and again for the entrusted exceptional gifts to kuya Bojo.

Last July 9, 2011, the AUP Ambassadors Chorale Arts Society won FIRST PLACE in the Chamber Choirs and Mixed Choirs, and the Choir of the World title at the 2011 Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Llangollen, North Wales, United Kingdom!

Maestro Ramon Lijauco Jr. receives the Luciano Pavarotti trophy

attitude of gratitude

On 2007,

AUP Ambassadors bagged the “CHAMPIONS CONCERT” at the 4th World Choir Games in Xiamen, China

I’ve been friends with Kuya Bojo and most of the members of the AUP Ambassadors. I’ve known them personally and I really appreciate their love for music and music ministry. They’re humble and friendly people. Truly, God made them shine more for His glory!

We Sing As One

By: Lailanie A. Fronda

Hush! Audible silence
Let hullabaloo hum
The Great Composer and Conductor of the Universe
Be offered tribute.

Golden years of melodious blessings channeled
Melted into dawn, illuminated the darkened world.
Tis the sweet solemn voice
Awakened the slumber of the numbed souls
Set free from hypnotic lure
Compromising music unfolds.

Angelic hosts mingled the chorus
AUP Ambassadors mirthful praise ascended.
The world witnessed her jubilant unleashed echo
Only for the Mighty Musician’s glory!

The fragile days of great controversy
Will soon be broken and be ended.
Alas! In the verdant music’s vale
Chagrin in worship grows no more.

Faint not, never give up
We sing as one
Now and on the blissful years to come.

*this poem was dedicated to AUP Ambassadors, 50th Anniversary Concert
Scribbled while traveling in a bus going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines on June 19, 2007 Published in “Blood, Sweat & Tears” of Hatinig, official literary folio of University Voice.

kindly see the whole article: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=399360381844

Note: Photos courtesy of  Kuya Bojo. This blog has a copyright . These pictures and the article should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.

© LAF 2012


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