Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The theme journey ignited my longing to travel to a far, interesting place and have another adventure! Being a nature buff, I always look forward to exploring the scenic and historical places.

Last summer, almost four years ago (3 years, 11 months and 11 days to be exact), we conquered Mt. Apo. Here’s an excerpt of the story from my article, “A Monument of an Answered Prayer “. It was published on 2008 in University Voice’s Journal: “Guia del Viajero”.

“We have nothing to fear for our future unless we forget of how the Lord led us in the past.” EGW

Darkness had already melted into dawn as I slipped through my still sleeping comrades. Being awakened by the freezing cold and fuming air, I sluggishly crawled out of the almost torn tent. I could hardly see the lurid cliffs and towering rocks due to the thick fog that covered the campsite. All I heard was the deafening silence of the morning appointment with my Creator.

Meditation had never been that invigorating and refreshing after three days of toilsome trek to reach the zenith. After contemplating how hard the expedition was, I mused of not going down anymore, if it’s only possible. Towering at the height of 10, 311 feet above sea level, Mt. APO seemed to stand with pride and dignity at the heart of Davao del Sur. You can imagine, the hike was not a joke.

resting in the middle of the dense rain forest

halfway, with the scorching Boulders at a distance

It was neither a joke nor a mere outdoor activity. It was a well-prayed hike. How we executed that almost impossible activity was very memorable. Mt. APO expedition was very dangerous to hike that time, and one has to be physically fit, mentally prepared, financially ready and spiritually tough in order to survive.

a pose at the peak

Being a Master Guide and hiker who conquered several mountains like Mt. Pakpak Lawin, Mt. Maculot, Mt. Cristobal, Mt. Daguldol, Mt. Makiling to name a few wasn’t a plus factor. It didn’t give assurance that I already have a big faith to accomplish higher grounds. It took us much courage beyond humiliating and humbling experiences to act that enormous leap of faith.

the glorious sunset

breath-taking, moon rising simultaneously while the sun is setting

above all else, His name be glorified!

The four-day hike (three-day trek up, one day trek down) was really unforgettable! I learned most that no matter how far or high I’ve reached, I’m still on the ground and still nothing to boast of myself. The Lord gives the faith and He sustains it.

Time will eventually come that Mt. APO will be no where to locate before the second coming of Jesus. I was able to vividly picture His glorious appearing through the darkness that had already melted into dawn. But as long as Mt. Apo stands at the heart of Mindanao, that mountain will remain as a monument of an answered prayer.


© LAF 2012

Note: Photos courtesy of  Pastor Freinald Maotondo and Josel Faminiano. This blog has a copyright . These pictures and the article should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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