Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

simply overjoyed

None but this picture popped in my mind when I learned about this week’s theme for the photo challenge.  It’s been more than a year when they had a pictorial at the Philippine Internarional Church (PIC) as sweethearts, when Pastor Rhume Jay “RJ” Becbec (then, a fresh graduate from AUP) delivered the message on divine worship. Then he left around May 2011 to go back home in Canada. Now they’re together again! This picture was taken at the back of PIC on April 28, 2012, before another speaking appointment during the divine worship.

I simply love the radiance from hearts full of gratitude for God’s great blessings and surprises. The barong dress was a gift from RJ and his mom, Tita Merly. As a sister, definitely a stage sister, I am more than happy for the answered prayers and for the guidance God has bestowed to them and to our families.

Happy 21st monthsary Rhume Jay and Zola Fiorella! 🙂

another “together” picture taken last year 🙂

© LAF 2012

Note: Photo courtesy of Dianne  Claire Estrada . This blog has a copyright . The photos should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.



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