MG Ronell Mamarimbing, a PIA Awardee and Administrative Director of the Master Guide Ministries of AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies) who delivered the message, donned my PLA sash.

With butterflies fluttering in my tummy, I hastened towards the Finster Hall of All Nations. The recipients of the Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) were already in queue, ready to enter the portals of the venue for the PLA Awarding Ceremony. I was quite nervous because I will be rendering the dedicatory song on that blissful Sunday night, April 15, 2012.

For more than five challenging yet fruitful years of service in the Adventist Youth Ministries at the Philippine International Church (PIC); there had been many times I sang for church services, funeral services, dormitory revival series and worships, and other gatherings. But the recent one was a very special and significant ceremony, I really prayed hard for the best song to sing.

The first impression was “I Dedicate My Life”, a prayer song composed by Ma’am Sharon Tanamal-Monreal, one of the CON Clinical Instructors whom I look up to. It has been one of my favorites. I sang that several times; one was during an Induction Ceremony for the Master Guide Trainees at PIC years ago. But my friend who accompanied me twice with his guitar wasn’t available, so I prayed for another song.

Salute to the Great Master Guide for the guidance and providence given throughout my spiritual journey.

The second impression was “To Be Like Jesus”, another wonderful song that is close to my heart. I sought Ma’am Ardel Sarmiento’s help, since she’s superb in playing the piano. But I don’t have a piece and we’re not able to practice due to busyness for the preparations. She’s my batch mate, another PLA recipient, and we have other responsibilities and requirements to accomplish, so I prayed again and again for another song.

Lady Abigail Imperio, an ever-ready pianist friend who loves the Master Musician and His ministry 🙂

The third and final impression was “Everywhere I Go” by Sally de Ford, a very significant song that keeps inspiring me to press on towards the mark of my calling in the ministry. It is based in the Biblical promises written in Joshua 1:9, and Matthew 28:19-20; God will be with us everywhere we go, even unto the ends of the Earth. I sang this song several times; even when I spoke at PIC during Vespers Worship when my supposed-to-be appeal singer wasn’t able to make it. Due to lack of time for practice, I decided to have the downloaded, minus one accompaniment. Everything seemed fine, not until I found out that the file wasn’t downloaded well! I can’t pray for another song!

That Sunday afternoon, I felt more uneasy. I prayed for guidance and for peace. I looked for my piece or music sheet with great anticipation, I found one! But the only problem I had, I wasn’t able to contact another pianist friend. I had no time! Time flew quickly!

I tried to chase the time. With haste, I sought Ma’am Ardel and begged her to accompany my rendition. But she’s not well familiar with the song, and yet she promised to try. I was quite nervous, God’s promise that He’ll provide a pianist sunk deep in my heart, and I embraced the sweet promise.

Ma’am Ardel’s gifted daughters rendered the special song. Their pianist was good and she asked her to play for me before the program started. But we had no time to practice! I don’t know her and I was really nervous. Then, I saw Lady Abigail Imperio, an awesome pianist friend, playing the prelude. Why I only learned that she’s our pianist? She was invited with a short notice. The melodious music flooded my heart; it left no room for uneasiness and nervousness.

I was no longer nervous. Some minutes before my rendition, I went to her and she was surprised that I was one of the recipients of PLA. She was surprised when I briefed the unexpected circumstances that I went through and told her she’s an answered prayer.  She accepted my request. I was confident after praying that we’ll make it without practice. She’d been my ambush (abrupt request) pianist before, during the times I was abruptly requested to render songs in place of the ones who can’t be able to sing (a day or few-hour notice). We’ve been together in music renditions and it was overwhelming to reflect God’s greatness! It’s for the Lord, and He knew our hearts’ gratitude and gaiety. He really provided a piece of peace and an abundant peace !

OVERWHELMED & OVERJOYED! BATCH MATAPAT 2012 with mentors, instructors, and guests: MG Romeo Barrios, MG Rumualdo Palad , MG Ronell Mamarimbing, MG Nimrod Salazar and MG Ronilo Marasigan (MG Jeruel Ibanez took the photo)

© LAF 2012

Note: Photos courtesy of  MG Jeruel Ibanez and MG Kaiser Ruado (first picture) . This blog has a copyright . The contents should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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