Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

sun-kissed beach bums at Golden Sunset Resort & Spa 🙂

fun time under the scorching Tagaytay sun with dear friends, Leizel and Suzanne.

I’ve always loved summer! But this summer isn’t that exciting, compared to last year’s. But it’s more likey-likey, since I was focused to my work, and my hard work was crowned with success.

This week’s theme reminds me of the an unforgettable and challenging summer of May 2011. Due to a themed pictorial, I was able to wear for the first time a halter and low-back sun dress. My friends were kinda surprised to see me wearing a dress like that.  I’m not proud of this idea of wearing dress like that. I just gave myself a try. It was my first time to pose creatively too (LOL!). Some of the pictures taken there are for my personal viewing only. Here are some of the photos taken at the venue, Golden Sunset Resort & Spa (Venue of the Miss Earth 2011 Swimsuit Competition).

Before we traveled to the venue, we dropped by Tagaytay to have lunch in a restaurant that has a breath-taking view of Taal Volcano. The scorching heat of the sun compelled us to take a splash in the sunset-hued waters 🙂 It was refreshing, very reviving!

When I was younger, we used to visit Boracay during summer. Since my mother’s relatives live there, we enjoyed free accommodations and fun-filled adventures.  My grandmother’s clan (Calizo-Antonio) used to have family reunions there too! There’s no other grand and memorable place to spend summer than Bora, the White Paradise (though it turns out to be hellish there sometimes). Definitely, I’ve always loved being a sun-kissed beach bum!

© LAF 2012

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