Of Cuddles and Giggles

Cuddling a giggling Korean baby soothed my worn-out soul last Sunday afternoon (Father’s Day). Nothing compares to the innocence and pure joy from a beaming child.

a child’s laugh is more than therapeutic! (not his real photo)

His mom’s testimony suddenly changed my countenance.She’s given birth to her son, three weeks after her husband’s tragic death. I almost cried when my friend informed me that she’s been a widow for almost a year. I couldn’t just imagine how my former classmate in college was able to cope up with the crucibles she’s gone through. She got married on October 2010. She never anticipated that their happy marriage would be devastated by a vehicular accident, ten days after their first wedding anniversary. The baby was robbed of the warmth of his dad’s embrace and sunshine of his love. His dad was robbed of the joy of fatherhood, he wasn’t able to even glance the baby’s handsome face that resembles his’.

My Korean friend shared her experience that she still questions… queries that she would receive answers only from the Wounded Healer Himself. She opened this when I just finished briefing the unfathomable loss and crucible, our family have gone through; loss of my younger brother, and chronic illness of my sister. I never planned to awaken grief on our first bonding after two years we haven’t seen each other, yet the conversation blessed us both.

“GOD has a plan that we might not fully understand…everything happened for a purpose”, she muttered with a longing for Jesus’ second coming. She also waits for the grand resurrection morn when she could reunite with her deceased husband whom she dearly loved. It was providential when I met her at the main gate of the village. I was briskly walking towards my tutorial student’s home. Her car stopped near me and I almost couldn’t recognize her, she’s transformed into a lovelier woman, her hair have grown longer. Now, I realized; love could have been the reason.

She was ever grateful that despite of the painful death of her hubby, her chubby baby is there to remind of the love that they have for each other that even the sting of death couldn’t take away. She’s thankful that God left her a wonderful remembrance of His unchanging love that she appreciates everyday — her son.

When I was hugging the friendly baby, his giggles reminded me of my younger brother BJ- Ben Jathniel (12 yrs. old), who passed away unexpectedly last March 30, 2011. I took care of him when he was a tiny baby until he learned to walk and talk; and the bond we had was incomparable. His angelic smile was still vivid when I tried to reminisce the good ol’ days. I felt at peace and my heartaches and longings were drowned with the flood of joy that flowed when once again, I stared at the almost closed, smiling eyes of the Korean baby.

One day, he’ll be able to see his dad whom he never have any memory yet. One day, I’ll be able to see BJ whom I sometimes see in my memory.

One day… on the Heavenly Father’s appointed time.

Dad’s Tender Hands

© LAF 2012

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2 responses to “Of Cuddles and Giggles

  1. arvoinen

    tragic. but God is always there. 🙂

  2. I felt like i loss a part of me too when we loss my baby niece, 1/11/11. Then a part of me then felt like dying everyday knowing that my sister is hurting and I can’t do anything.
    So, I just kept on praying. I can still remember what I’m constantly uttering whenever tears would come.
    “If this is what you want, I’ll follow. I still don’t understand but okay fine I’ll follow you. Just help us get through it. Touch our hearts, give her peace.”
    And He did 🙂

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