Exceptionally Extraordinary

To be a grand prize and 2nd prize winner in Everyone’s Vision Petron 2012: National Student Art Competition is more than something. But to bag the title consistently for two consecutive years is indeed fascinating!

“Wala na bang pwedeng manalo bukod sa’yo?” (Are there no other possible winners aside from you?). I cracked that joke to Tam (Gib Sam Galvan Salak)  when we discussed his first winning experience many months ago. We were riding in a jeep then. Though he’s a friend, I seldom see him since I’m already an alumna of the Adventist University of the Philippines. His eldest brother, Kenneth and I are closer friends. But when we met several times lately, we had great sharing about God’s awesomeness.

Last Monday night, we met again in the queue of jeepney passengers in Paseo. Without any hint, he wasn’t able to spoil the great news: he’s the grand prize and 2nd prize winner again! He said, he’s supposed to tell me that night, but I finally hear the news from him lately this week.

Gib Sam is truly gifted. At the age of 20 (birthday last month), he’s shown promising career in the field of photography. He also owns a business, Gib Sam Salak Photography. He excel more in portraits, specializing in wedding portrait photography. He’s currently studying Bachelor in Tradigital Fine Arts, Major in Visual Communication and Design at the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP).

Everyone’s Vision Petron is open to all talented students enrolled in a regular university or college course, or in tutorial art and photography classes. Participants must be Filipino and ages 15-28 years old. Student artists may compete in three categories: Painting (oil and water-based media), photography, and print-making (production of printed images on paper). ~autoindustriya

Exuberant Tam

“To God be the glory! Being a second-time grand prize and 2nd prize winner made me more active in photography. I’m more inspired to shoot and to show people how I view the world through my lens.”

Last night, he attended the awards night at Diamond Hotel in Manila. Among the board of jurors are Wig Tysmans (chairman of the board), George Tapan, Sonny Yabao, Romeo Vitug, Edwin Tuyay, and Ernesto Enrique. They are nation’s best and seasoned photographers and artists. The event was attended by winners and representatives all over the country.

The Board of Jurors and mentor, Reuben Pagaduan, Department Chair, Tradigital Fine Arts (AUP)

Grand Prize entry: ‘EXPLORERS’ taken at Minalungao, Nueva Ecija

2nd Prize entry: ‘Between Mountains’ taken at Asin, Benguet

Grand Prize entry 2011: ‘Gareta’ taken at Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac

2nd Prize entry 2011: ‘Pasada;’ taken at LRT Carriedo Station, Quiapo, Manila

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and its knowledge can raise men to the Divine.”

The God who endowed him with exceptional talent is the same God who gave him the extraordinary experience.  The consistency of being a Grand Prize winner only proved that God is gracious and He’s true to His Word: “HEAD, not the TAIL”.

The Adventist University of the Philippines has been the home of champions, not only in academic excellence and showcase of skills and talents, but the home of ordinary individuals who became extraordinary in the Master Artist’s tutelage.

Gib Sam’s exceptionally extraordinary experience (redundant, you would notice) challenged me to taste and see more that God is great!

How about you?

© LAF 2012

Note: Photos credits: Gibsam Salak http://kuyasamphotography.multiply.com/ https://www.facebook.com/gibsamphotography/info. This blog has a copyright . The contents should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.



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2 responses to “Exceptionally Extraordinary

  1. God give him victory because this young man is humble and simple. He trust only to the LORD and GOD raise him up.

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