Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Near-sighted’s indulgence: a date with the clubhouse library after  tutorial class.
“The early summer sky was the color of a cat vomit.”
Yay, the lead justifies the book’s title!

“In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly.” ~ Scott Westerfeld, UGLIES (unconventional; understanding more some foreign cultures…even the entertainment world)

These snapped my boredom. Told ya’ I’m not just a bookworm, I’m a book hoarder…but in the library, I behave ^__^

I’m not just a bookworm, I’m a book hoarder! Bitter-sweet confession, I guess.

I used to stay in our university library during college days just to munch and munch of mind food. Actually, it’s a habit formed since rainbow-hued elementary and high school days. I would borrow books in maximum number and often times, I would keep them at home til I notice some are due or even passed due already. I would pay penalty charges, only to find myself borrowing more books that I like, even twice, thrice, til I devour the last page. Reading has been part of my daily life since I learned how to read.

When friends and acquaintances give me books or lend me books, I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed! I can even spend hours and even a day, feasting on books. Every trip to book sale, I would purchase two-three books, depending on my budget. But I seldom read novels nowadays. Aside from this trilogy, I once got hooked in another genre of trilogy, but realized lately that it doesn’t suit my appetite anymore.

Not all novels are superficial and superfluous, some are worth reading; but I prefer to read and contemplate more on inspirational and spiritual books. Those are books that fill the need of the soul. It so happened, I don’t have latest pictures of my current books. But everyday, reading the Bible is a fundamental part of my everyday living 🙂

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Mattew 4:4

My entry for this week’s theme showcases an everyday habit: reading. I’m still a book hoarder sometimes, but I’m a full-blooded bookworm oftentimes! 🙂

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2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. ^^* I have this frustration to learn speed reading so I could read a lot of books in, let say, in one day! hahaha~~ I think I read faster than an average reader. But sometimes the book is quite a drag to read, so it takes weeks before I could finish reading them.
    And I do agree with you that not all novels are not worth reading.
    happy reading^^*

  2. Hi Jenyve! It took me a while to respond to your comment, I apologize. Don’t be frustrated. I also had some reading problems.
    I have experienced joggling several books with different genre at a time too. I’ve finished the books that were more interesting, then left the others unfinished.

    One of the differences between reading a fiction and a spiritual book is how you deal with it’s content. With a novel, I tend to be a passive reader and just read and read without contemplating much of the passages, fast-paced; thus finishing a book quickly. Unlike with the Spirit of Prophecy, I would slow down, pause and ponder on each line, slower pacing; thus taking me time to finish.

    My two cents on reading 🙂 Enjoy reading too!

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