Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

my silhouette 9.27.12

Every dawn beckons a blissful day…
…a new ray to hope 
…a new reason to live 
…a refreshing start to seize

my heart artwork 7.19.12

My Jesus, much gratitude to your enlightening love and enduring patience. 

L ♥ vest Thou ardently! 🙂

my l♥ve note 7.9.12

Here are three of my most favorite intimate photos. These inspire me to have a closer and deeper relationship with my Creator and Provider. The first photo was taken on a dawn. I’m not a sun worshiper, to clarify; but I love gazing at the sun as it peeps in the Eastern horizon during my quiet times. I seldom experience this lately. I miss spending quality time with God amid nature.

The second photo was taken during class break at the English learning center. I really wanted to establish continuous connection by just writing down my thoughts. I enhanced it through an application.  Same with the third photo. Jotting cheesy stuff on a note makes me giggle, but it’s more special if it’s for the ever faithful Lover of my soul.

© LAF 2012




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