Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

geeky smile

This week’s theme, happy, reminds me of Kevin. Of all the Korean students I had and I have, he’s the most brilliant. He’s not only good in studying, but also excelling in sports (fastest runner in Grade 7, last year) and playing the saxophone well in his band. He surprised me during our first encounter, he was kinda fluent in English pronunciation. He’s been in the Philippines for almost two years only, yet he improved a lot, he started with the English alphabet! He’s also gifted with an exceptional talent in computer programming, particularly in making computer games.

I started being his private tutor on April 12, 2012. Since then, I witnessed how he grew especially in academics. I’m happy that he’s goal-oriented and he values his parent’s hard work to support him in gaining education at Brent International School Manila. He has a high regard to his uncle, James Park, who trained and inspired him a lot in almost all aspects. He’s living with his family in a village in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Kevin has been a good friend. He’s thoughtful and has a sense of humor. I enjoy teaching him, and sometimes, I learn lessons from him. I couldn’t agree more with Phil Collins:“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

This week, his mom came from Korea to visit and to attend the Parents and Teacher’s Association meeting. She was full of gaiety when she learned that Kevin improved a lot! She was beaming when she talked to me and thanked me. I was humbled to know that Kevin’s uncle have a high regard with me, I am his 10th private tutor and so far, today concludes my 6-month service as his English tutor.

On his 7th-grade recognition on July 2012, we’re all surprised when he bagged the Head Master‘s List award for the second semester. He was in the ESL program then. We rejoiced because, when he came, he doesn’t speak English well and his grade were horrible then.

Head Master Lister

He’s now in his 8th Grade and he’s already in the main stream. This week, he got his report card for the first quarter of the first semester. How can I cease to praise God? He’s an A-grader! He’s quite sad that he only got A- in English, but I told him, he did well. Last time, he had B+. He’s kinda worried he won’t reach his goal, to be a Bishop Lister (the highest award). But I think, he can still work it out before the 1st semester ends. His grades in the eight subjects:

4 A+ *Advanced Math, Chinese, Health & PE Band (saxophone)

2 A *Science & Computer

2 A- *English & Social Science

Here is the remarks of his English teacher, Lou Ann Ashley: “Although Kwanghoo has just joined the mainstream English class this year, he is making excellent progress. He displays exemplary study habits and thinks deeply before starting his writing. Kwanghoo values the importance of reading books and developing his speaking skills. The focus this quarter is reading and responding critically to short fiction. Kwanghoo demonstrates a good understanding of the literature and is learning to write well-supported responses. He earned a very good score on a recent literature and vocabulary quiz. Kwanghoo’s second quarter goal is to improve his vocabulary and writing skills.”

I thank God for this remarkable blessings He’s given to Kevin. It made me even proud of him not just a student, but as a friend. Seeing him happy makes me happy. I wish all the best for him — greater happiness!

© LAF 2012


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