Instead of New Year’s resolution, I made it a point I have daily resolutions. One of those is updating my blog. I’ve always jotted my epiphanies and introspection in my prayer journal, in scratch papers; bits are posted in my Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, it would always boil down to feel a bit unfulfilled coz I haven’t updated my blog for more than a month.

I have written drafts, but due to busyness, I never uploaded even one. But I reached the peak today, I can’t afford to keep the blessings locked in my heart. The key is CHOICE. Though I’m too busy, I could still choose to devote some minutes in blogging.

For the past weeks, I’ve attempted to finish the leadership book, Winning with People by John C. Maxwell. For novel books, it would take me hours to finish one. But with spiritual books, I take time to thoroughly masticate the messages so I would understand it well and it would make an impact on me; and a ripple effect would occur later on as I apply the precious lessons gained.

I’m still reading it today. I’m enjoying it a lot. I just wished I’ve read it then. One of the most inspiring quotes I got is about choice:

 “I believe that attitude is the second most important decision anyone can make. (The most important is faith) Your attitude will make or unmake you. It’s not the result of your birth, your circumstances, or your bank account. It’s all a choice.” ~John Maxwell, Winning with People p.12

Everything is about choices. Good choices are really essential in our daily living.  Somebody could command, demand and impose something, but it the end, it’s your choice that would matter. No one is responsible for your choice except yourself. Every choice has consequences. Thanks God for the FREE WILL and for the guidance in making good choices.

As I reflect with the choices I made, I realized how I’ve made hasty and some wrong decisions in the past years. But I also appreciated God in helping me learn and understand His will, to unlearn and make good decisions. It’s never late to improve and grow in the garden of His grace.

As I contemplate, I reflect on the poem I’ve written during my struggling moments years ago, In the Potter’s Hand. (Click the title to read the background in newest post, in my new blog: Wanderful Wordsmith). I consider myself the CLAY, and I’m willing to be molded in the person God wants me to be.

In connection with this poem, I am more than grateful for an answered prayer! I’m happy I made an important decision to be involved in the youth ministries. Since I was a child, I’ve always longed to reach out to other young people. Grateful I was involved in our youth ministries in our local church in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro til I studied in the Adventist University of the Philippines and even as an alumna, I’m still enjoying the privileges of service. Early on January 2013, I was able to register to the Philippine-wide Youth Summit dubbed as “CLAY”.

CLAY team

CLAY team fun time after the meeting with SSD Youth Director, Pastor Jobbie Yabut, NPUC Youth Director, Pastor Ron Genebago, and CLC Youth Director, Pastor Bong Fiedacan. I’m 8th (from left to right) Taken on January 27, 2013 at the back of Philippine Int’l Church

“See you all in Baguio for our Youth Summit 2013. Bye Anthony Stanyer for now, see you after 6 months. We’ll pray for your safe travel to New York to represent the youth of Southern Asia Pacific Division and North Philippine Union Conference.” ~Pastor Ron Genebago 

two posters of CLAY


Be involved. Be molded by the POTTER's Hand

Be involved. Be molded by the POTTER’s Hand

Kindly include this meaningful event in your prayers. May the Holy Spirit empower the guest speakers and delegates, and the community outreach in Baguio City. 🙂

© LAF 2013

Note: Photo credits to Pastor Ron Genebago. This blog has a copyright . The poem should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.



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5 responses to “CLAY

  1. Is this the theme in the up and coming event Lanie? I really wanted to attend but I Still have a super busy Feb.

    • Yap Thirdy! 😀 Sayang you’ll miss it!
      It will be a convocation of friendship, faith and service. Kindly keep this event and the delegates in prayers. Thanks!

  2. Nice poem you got there, inspiring!

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