That’s the Facebook post that transformed my perspective and  awakened my consciousness. It wasn’t obvious that I was oblivious.

After 5 hours after posting (Friday 5:54 PM), I checked my FB account and noticed 60 likes and some comments in that particular post. My inbox was quite flooded with different reactions.

“SERIOUSLY?” I muttered with mixed-emotions.

I never changed my status in Facebook since I got my account on March 22, 2008. There’s a relevant reason to change it that year, but it was so quick, I never had the chance. And suddenly, I’m ENGAGED?!

oh no!

I actually posted a photo a few minutes right after my status post, not to be misconstrued that I’m beguiling or misleading others.

I should have associated it with other words. I should have posted a quote, an exaggerated expression or a frivolous phrase. Maybe, I should have done that.


One word and a smiley.

One intriguing word for a single woman who’ve gone and took part to a lot of weddings; three consecutive weddings recently (2 on March, 1 on April). One intriguing  word for single woman who took all the parts of friends’ weddings save the bride’s role. One intriguing word for a wordsmith who used to play with words and yet unmindful of what that one word would bring.

here’s the thread:


Aside from several private messages that needs explanation, clarification, etc, this status arrested the attention of a former admirer/suitor (now married). Maybe out of curiosity he wanna be updated. After all, we never communicated for about three years.


This incident made me wonder what it really feels being engaged. I don’t even have a sweetheart after all, so, I wonder what if that caught me by surprise. What if one day, when I finally change my relationship status in Facebook, would more of my friends like it? Or they’ll just ignore, thinking it might be another something similar with what just happened.

Furthermore, the weekend’s Youth Camp dubbed as ENGAGED made me realize how important it is to nurture relationships with friends and family. More importantly, revitalize the relationship with the Author of LOVE and COMMITMENT, the first G in the word shown in this poster:

Nothing can stop us!

Nothing can stop us!

© 2013 LAF

Note: Photo credits to Francis Gayoba, the President of Adventist Youth Ministry of the Philippine International Church. The AYM organized and facilitated this annual event that boosts the social & spiritual aspects of the Life Group or Small Groups/Student Ministries and Singing Groups in the Adventist Youth Society. More information, photos and testimonies will be posted, sooner or later.



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2 responses to “ENGAGED

  1. ha-Ha, naka ready na sana ang “congrats” na pagbati ko sa iyo. 🙂 hmmm, false alarm lang pala, ha-Ha. 🙂

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