LRT: Let the Ride Tarry

My adrenaline rush was at its peak on Sunday night (July 14). I almost made it! Almost, but never! The LRT door shut before I’ve got the courage to dive out.

Thank heavens!

Rewind: Actually, It took me few minutes to argue with myself (my best enemy), whether to take the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) or the  Light Rail Transit (LRT). Feeling quite beat, I opted for the latter for a special reason. I could have chosen MRT and just had the bus bound to Balibago at Cubao, but I chose the narrow road (figuratively). I’ve got a jeepney, not knowing exactly where the LRT station was. I was along Quezon Avenue, past 7:00 PM. It was my first time to be in the place, or I’ve gone there before (dunno exactly).

We’ll, I just got from a day’s information overload at the wordsmiths’ nosebleed event, Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Phils. (FWGP) OpenBook (I have an imaginative hemorrhage actually) 2:00- 5:00 PM at Sacro Costato, Quezon City (my first time to visit the retreat house). Famished, it was rewarding having a great meal at Cafe Vegis (a vegetarian resto nearby) with my FWGP colleagues, especially with Ime Morales, our guild’s founder and two of the speakers (guild members), Carljoe Javier and Yvette Tan. What a great bonding!

The morning’s rush was due to another meeting on Sunday morning: the general meeting and graduation rehearsal for Philippine Public Safety & Order Support Group (PPSOSG), which I’m under training. I am residing at Silang, Cavite, and the rendezvous at Maybunga, Pasig, so using my rusty Math skills, I calculated the time of travel including the time of possible waiting for vehicles, etc. The time of travel from Pasig to Quezon City was a greater rush. The meeting was supposed to start at 10 AM and end at 12 noon, but it lingered til 1 PM, so I had no time to have my lunch. I headed to Q.C. with a rumbling tummy.  Bracing the day, I knew it would be a long day.

But it was quite longer than expected The  (LRT) ride has never been extra adventurous!

Fast forward:

“Roosevelt to Gil Puyat Station: one long ride; great time to spill my thoughts on my phone.

No, not for texting.
No, not for FB or Twitter updating.

We already passed few stations when I’ve got the inspiration to write. The day’s rush robbed my vim; quite exhausted physically, but grateful I’ve got a crumb of energy. Here, while traveling in LRT, I’m writing. My cellphone warns me of its exhaustion, and the battery is draining, yet it cooperates with my mood to write. My memo is useful.

Kissing the travel dilemma adieu is effortless for me these days. And to see this guy with good built who offered a seat to another lady brought hope. Only few men do that. I grinned.

I also grinned and actually felt ashamed of another guy who took the seat of the lady who’s the recipient of the gentleman’s act. “Kaya ako tumayo, para sa babae yung seat…” He calmly rebuked the other guy. He automatically stood up. Ashamed. “Miss, upo ka na…” he muttered without looking. I was more ashamed of him, good thing, he didn’t retaliate.

I wish the journey’s longer. I love observing people.

Oh my, wish came true! Absorbed with writing, I missed my station!


(continued writing in the bus)

“Sir, anong station na po?” I inquired my seatmate for the second time.

“Gil Puyat station!”

Before I reached the door, it closed.

I sighed.
I looked around.
Some were looking at me.
I nodded.
I sat back.
I stopped writing.



never mastered the routes yet LOL

never mastered the routes yet LOL

Then I had no choice but to be calm, go back to my seat as if nothing happened. I went out at Libertad (next station) and the rest was history.

© 2013 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Google images. FWGP OpenBook update will be posted soon. 😀 


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