Your Writer’s Mind

“Deadline is sacred” keeps popping in my head as I hear the wall clock’s hands ticking.

It’s not a good scenario to get distracted while squeezing my head to finish the three articles due within few hours. But the harder I tried to get focused, the stronger the temptation for my mind to wander, instead of wondering more of what to include in the article. It isn’t new to me after all.

Then is the midst of my wandering, I bumped with one of my favorite blogs that I follow. BOOM! I was struck to the very core! BULLS EYE!

“The writer’s mind is wily. When we don’t feel up to the task of writing, our minds are happy to offer all manner of distractions and diversions.”

Well, I did my best, but I guess, it wasn’t good enough.

Suddenly Jamie is a Wonder Wordsmith with a witty delight. Her writing prowess attests that “we are an odd bunch, but a good bunch!” (reply to my comment).

Much gaiety and gratitude for this article! 😀

Live to Write - Write to Live

writer mind

dummy soundcloud writers mind

Writers are like aliens. We explore and dissect, question and document. We study the ways of the human heart and soul with a probing and unflinching eye. The writer’s mind is a many-faceted marvel that defies logic in order to create magic, all within the constraints of twenty-six letters and a few punctuation marks.

The writer’s mind is prone to wandering. Writers do not live life the same way non-writers do. We are more of the world and yet always slightly apart from it. We exist simultaneously in multiple worlds – the “Real World,” the world as we see it, and worlds of our own devising. It’s no wonder then, what with our minds being in two or more places at once, that we sometimes appear distracted or a bit dotty.

The writer’s mind is full of wonder. We are endlessly curious about everything and everyone. We are avid people…

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7 responses to “Your Writer’s Mind

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    Thanks so much for sharing and for saying that ours is one of your favorite blogs. 🙂

    Your comments made me feel like a superhero.

    Hope you made those deadlines!

  2. arvoinen

    I guess I am a writer. i get distracted when I don’t feel like writing.

  3. “I would be delighted to have you reblog. 🙂
    So glad you enjoyed it. We are an odd bunch, but a good bunch!”

    Worthy, that was her reply in the comment box 😀 got it?

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