On Being Alone: Rethinking The Single Life

oh-oh! very bold and becoming… Becoming Jane! the modern counterpart ^___^ Suddenly, I realized that my solitary soliloquy has been voiced out in a way so unexpected!

Thanks for sharing your two cents! Kudos!
Single life could be more of sweet solitude, and in my case, I’ve got that eureka moment: there’s joy in waiting! 😀

Lucia Lorenzi

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a man or a woman reaches a certain age, an age that one also generally associates with sexual attractiveness, fertility, the beginning of economic security and the decline of teenage angst, that he or she will seek a partner, indeed, fervently desire a partner, and do everything within his or her power to meet, marry, and mate. In my nod to Jane Austen, here, I am suggesting, as cheekily as I am earnestly, that the societal standards that are steadfastly ingrained in our psyches regarding relationships are still rather predictable, conservative, and normative. And, if I may be so bold to admit—being myself a young woman of a certain marriageable and fertile age—rather draining, dreary, and downright depressing.

As you, dear reader, can deduce, I am single. Solitary. Unbetrothed, unwed.As long as I have been “eligible” to date, I have generally…

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