Facebook Frenzy

queerly creepy

queerly creepy

That awkward of all awkward moments when I was too busy updating my FB account about the horrible incident, particularly about Kat Taroquin when suddenly SHE (her FB account) liked the photo of her coffin during internment.

I felt like all my curls have gone crazily straightened. GASP!

I almost froze. Goosebumps all over.

But hey, I knew the State of the Dead! I’ve studied my Bible and even facilitated numerous Bible studies with non-SDA Christians. Even though, the feeling was strange.

Try to place yourself in my shoes. What could have been your initial reaction?

Missed but Never Late to Miss

I remember her not only today. I remember her often. I can’t feign I don’t miss her although I chose not to post this 3rd part of the series of blogs I posted more than two months ago. Another “When SOON Lingers”, sort of.

I shared that picture on August 30th, with the thought to blog about Kat’s funeral soon. But it took me almost forever for those who patiently wait on my post. Here’s the link to the original photo and the comments: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=665324636813786&set=a.101315063214749.3000.100000087686878&type=3&theater.

Actually, I was never alone. Many people noticed that incident when it was liked by Kat. Kurdeine Pyke Guadiz, a friend, was shocked, yet he managed to capture it. He posted that photo on the comment box.

For those who don’t know the story behind this photo, kindly STOP for awhile and read first the two blogs to relate:

Flushed by a Flash Flood, Part 1 https://curlybookworm.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/flushed-by-a-flash-flood/

Scars Wounded Afresh, Part 2  https://curlybookworm.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/scars-wounded-afresh/

I might have missed the momentum of posting this earlier, but I intentionally waited for the appointed time. It’s never late to miss it.

Death is just a temporary slumber. The Bible says that the faithful ones who died in the Lord will be awakened again on that grand Resurrection Morn. (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 1 Corinthians 15:52)

Death is just a temporary sleep. The Bible says that the faithful ones who died in the Lord will be awakened again on that grand Resurrection Morn. (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 1 Corinthians 15:52)

Of Honor and Horror

“The greatest epitaph for these hard-working students was their unflinching commitment to their departmental work. Kim , Cat, and Jay were with smile, and were courteous in their work place. May your tribe increase.” ~Samuel Berto, retired professor, Adventist University of the Philippines

Of some of the wonderful comments I’ve got about the deceased working students, Sir Berto’s struck me the most. I am doing this as a tribute for my late friend, Kat, but I know that neither “All Saints’ Day” nor the “Halloween Festival” which the mass people celebrate, don’t have Biblical basis. I found it timely to share about my musings.

“Whether the roots of Halloween  come from the Samhain pagan beliefs in having a feast for the dead or an attempt by the Christian church to honor dead saints or praying for dead people who have not quite made it to heaven, the Bible is clear that the dead are truly dead. (See Isaiah 8:19, 20.) No Christian can truly “celebrate” Halloween.” ~Curtis Rettinour, Halloween and the Christian

“Although the Seventh-day Adventist Church has not taken an official position specifically against Halloween, the church’s opposition to the occult and the demonic precludes any support for this type of festival.
Halloween and its customs have no roots in Scripture or in the Christian Church. They are firmly rooted in the occult and in pagan practices. These connections, however, are to day forgotten or made light of. Nevertheless, any practice derived from the occult is incompatible with the teachings of Scripture (Lev. 20:6).” ~ Gerhard Pfandl, Halloween and Seventh-day Adventists

Read more

This morning, I posted this in my FB account:

I respect others’ religious beliefs and practices no matter how different they are with mine.
But to see fellow SDA Christians patronize Halloween Festival saddened me.
“And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” ~Romans 12:2

I don’t judge fellow SDA Christians, I believe we will be judged by God according to the light we received in Jesus. I’ve also lost loved ones. I just can’t imagine honoring the dead loved ones while enjoying the horror of the Halloween Party or other ways to patronize it.

Daughter’s Smile and a Father’s Cry

Kat's beaming smile is one of her gifts. Her sunshiny demeanor is another. I am blessed by both.

Kat’s beaming smile is one of her gifts. Her sunshiny demeanor is another.
I was blessed by both.

I interviewed Pastor Jemuel Abcede, the associate pastor of Philippine International Church who officiated the funeral and internment of Kat since I wasn’t able to attend. No matter how I wanted, something held me back — the dilemma of seeing her grieving loved ones.

After her coffin was buried, Kat’s dad spoke which made most of the family and relatives surprised: “Wag na kayong malungkot, dapat nga maging masaya tayo kasi ang dami-dami palang nagawa si Kat na hindi natin alam…ang dami-dami palang nagmamahal kay Kat.” He was very positive, and he held to the Blessed Hope too!

I’m grateful for Reu Dawner Flores‘ generosity of sharing his superb shots which speak more than what I can scribble. His ministry is much appreciated.

The outcome of the interview with Pastor Jemuel Abcede was relieving. He also gave me an opportunity to speak at Philippine International Church on September 13th, Vespers Worship. Because I can’t say no to Jesus, I wasn’t able to say no to Pastor on the day I interviewed him, September 12th. Though it was abrupt, I was so grateful that God blessed the congregation through my testimony, “Healing Amid Hurting”, and through the comforting promises of His WORD.

Tonight, I’ll talk about this in Pinamalayan SDA Church. I was invited to speak just yesterday, yet I am thankful for this privilege to serve the church where I grew up. It’s indeed providential!

Where Flowers Fade No More

There's a LAND where flowers will neither fade nor wither again. No more dying, no more sighing and crying.

There’s a LAND where flowers will neither fade nor wither again. No more dying, no more sighing and crying.

My epiphany last night:

   Flowers overflow especially for the All Saints’ Day. Although we don’t participate, knowing the State of the Dead, I still appreciate people who remember their deceased loved ones.
    I just smile reminiscing how my late ate Leah was overjoyed at times she received fresh bouquets & basket of flowers from us & friends when she was still alive.
    As a nature lover, I’d rather receive simple flowers, even kantutay or other wild flowers while I’m still alive, rather than having a lot of expensive flowers on my funeral.

Blooming ate Leah though bed-ridden.  She was able to tame a tiger, and she constantly reminds us that there's a new heaven and earth where we can re-unite again.

Blooming ate Leah though bed-ridden.
She constantly reminds us of a new heaven and earth where we can re-unite again.

Going back to the frenzy about Kat’s photo, I made many ways to find out who used her FB account. After I regained my composure, I chatted to the person who used her account. I even gave my blog links and was sorry I wasn’t able to attend the funeral. But there’s no reply.

I communicated with her cousin, Divine who was also a survivor of the flash flood. I also asked Mary Ann, her younger sister. They were puzzled too!

Like a sleuth who wanted to solve a mystery, I searched for clues. I almost gave up. Until that Sabbath, the following day after I spoke at PIC, I met the special someone of Kat through her best friend Catherine Lo. It was a eureka moment! Imagine me wondering from August 30 until September 14!

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Note: Photos credit to Reu Dawner Flores and Zola Fiorella Fronda. This blog has a copyright . The photos and article should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.



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2 responses to “Facebook Frenzy

  1. Sorry to read about your loss. Be strong! That happened to me once .. the deceased ‘came to life’ on fb. It sent chills up my spine til I realized that it must have been someone who had access to her account. Things like that should never happen!

    • It’s comforting to hear from you! Yes! I’m more inspired to be strong for my family 🙂

      Yeah, I had episodes of surprises. But what surprised me the most was when a friend in the U.S. greeted my sister on her birthday on Sept.3, without any idea that she passed away on 12.12.12, 9 months after. He wasn’t informed. I thought he knew that already from other mutual friends. More friends communicated me asking how was she, then horrified to learn that she passed away several months already.

      I was advised to just close her FB account or recreate it as a memoriam. 🙂 I advised also the sister of Kat, so it won’t happen again.

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