Cuddly Cutie Creature Called Charx

With much anticipation, I held back my exaggerated excitement as I let my brother uncover what he’s cuddling.

It was just last week, January 5, when our new bundle of joy arrived. The sunshine that Sunday morning was warmer and brighter. My brother, JR, fetched him at Tagaytay, from the poster uncle of our dear Charky. We called him Charx since he looks almost like his dad.

I find him soooo cutieee though he’s got a lot of cooties. YAY! He also suffers from skin problem due to his fleas, and yet I touched his head and gazed at him with wonder! CHARKY’s FINALLY BACK! yeah, through his baby, Charx!

close-up, Charx's camera shy haha!

close-up, Charx’s camera shy haha!

sleeping baby doggie

sleeping baby doggie

away in the dog dream land

away in the doggie dream land

hanging lil' head

hangin’ lil’ head

inat din

space saver 🙂

touching the wall

paw show-off, touching the wall

sweet slumber :)

sweet slumber 🙂

His Separation Anxiety, My Sulking Syndrome

One week swiftly flew, which swept me off my feet. He’s grown a bit. The past week was kinda crazy! As I heard the horrible news of subtly slaughtering of innocent dogs and puppies at AUP campus, I gazed at him with much pity. What if it happened to him? I even crazily joked to my sister Zola, “if sya nalason, matutupad yung literal na drop dead gorgeous, huhu…”, I might have fainted. I remember Charky, his dad whom I used to walk with, run with and have devotional with at AUP campus years about three years ago.

It was nostalgic having Charx! For he brought back the awesome memories of Charky. That entailed some awesome memories with that wonder doggie, and ate Leah. I vividly remember the days we can no longer take care of Charky since we almost lived in the hospitals were we confined ate Leah. We had no choice but to give him away. Grateful for Mimi Balbuena-Reynon who was hospitable and caring. I can’t thank her and her family enough for loving our then puppy. He surely had separation anxiety. We had a share of it. Yet we’re consoled.

Seeing Charx sweetly sleeping, I can just imagine how hard it was for him to be separated from his mom & siblings, from his home, from his community. To be with us is a new challenge to start living bravely and happily, even far from loved ones.

Gazing at Charx’s eyes with much tenderness, I promised him that he’ll be safe and will be loved and will be well taken care of at his new home. It’s not exactly that of “Ten Promises to a Dog”, but I sought God’s grace for patience and perseverance to make him our home a lil’ heaven on Earth. That means waking up at wee hours when I hear his lil’ voice at the veranda, to make sure he’s ok. That means cleaning his poop, even in the most uncomfortable time (while eating or cooking). That means preparing healthy meal and making sure he’s healthy (vaccinated, other hygienic routines), cleaning the veranda, his playing den. That means playing with him, singing for him, and other ways spending quality time with him.

Instead of wallowing from my own scars wounded afresh and tendency to sulk, I helped myself focus more to be happy through Charx.

wittingly playful

wittingly playful

Happy Heart, Healthy Heart

I felt worse with a severe stomachache at wee hours this morning. I was supposed to leave at 7:00 AM for a whole day seminar at PPSOSG main office. Unfortunately, the pain lingered til around 9:30 A.M.

With prayers, I did some natural ways to ease the pain. I decided to help myself get better. Instead of being confined in bed, I did my daily routines, cleaned the house, and played with our cuddly cutie pup called Charx.

So while I sweep the floor at the veranda, he’s playing with me, tugging my skirt with mirth. Isn’t he sweet & adorable?

I feel better! Thanks to God & to those thoughtful friends who prayed for me! I thank God for this cuddly cutie creature which constantly reminds us of God’s healing and blessings in our family.

Charx might not be cute for others, not even as cuddly and pretty like the celebrity dogs of my friends, Soya (Weanne’s schnauzer), and Sam & pups (Dianne & Duane’s huskies); but for us, he’s simply the best. And I believe, that’s what other owners of the numerous dogs in AUP.

sweet schnauzer SOYA, "so good for the heart"

sweet schnauzer SOYA,
“so good for the heart”

KILIGayahan  Wea & Soya's version

Wea & Soya’s version

cuddly, cutie patootie huskies <3

cuddly, cutie patootie huskies ❤

STARKstruck & aweSAM :) "look into my eyes and wish!"

STARKstruck & aweSAM 🙂
“look into my eyes and wish!”

As a dog lover and a pet owner, I deeply sympathize for the victims of horrible dog poisoning, and their bereaved families at AUP Campus. I still can’t fully comprehend why such were allowed, were cunningly crafted. I pray that discernment, discretion and compassion abound.

my heart bled for them (Pastor Diesta & family's Oreo and her puppies)

my heart bled for them (Pastor Diesta & family’s Oreo and her puppies)

cold and lifeless Cookie, heart-rending to behold

cold and lifeless Cookie, heart-rending to behold, I empathize for Joy Fajardo

This was my FB post yesterday in retrospection with the Sabbath message:

“The direct and immediate recipient of our love towards God is God’s people.”

So blessed and refreshed with God’s message channeled thru Bro. JD Andalecio. I like the illustrations used, the humor and emphasis on God’s unconditional love, “The Imperative of Loving Well.”

To be honest, my Sabbath morning was messed up with the horrible news of another dog poisoning. I’m not the owner, but I empathize coz I also have a puppy. Besides, ONCE is enough; TWICE is too much; and THRICE is unbearable.

So let me paraphrase the quote during sermon, “The direct and immediate recipients of our love towards God are GOD’S CREATURES — especially the DOGS.”

Stop being indifferent & cold-hearted, you who are CULPRITS of dog poisoning! ~_~

precious thought to ponder

precious thought to ponder

live with a purpose, never steal life from helpless, yet helpful and brave creatures.

Live with a purpose, never steal life from helpless, yet helpful and brave creatures.

Keep posted for the recent pictures and updates 🙂

To know and read about Charky, click this link 🙂♥ve-of-charky/

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  1. hello kay charx at sa iyo rin Curly.

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