Affirmation of God’s Faithfulness

This morning, upon reading a Facebook message from Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso, I wasn’t able to hold my tears. With mixed emotions, I praised God for both good news and sad news. I cried because I was so blessed and touched of how God works in mysterious ways.

This experience is nostalgic, I reminisce the times my family and I were in the same predicament, a life and death situation of my late ate Leah. I remembered how brethren from far and near, friends and family, and even strangers were able to unite to support not only through fervent prayers and encouragements, but in various ways (especially financial support).

This post is another way of helping Ma’am Lalaine in her endeavors to help her dear friend. She’s always there encouraging, and her trust with my love for service made me more inspired to do what I can to help others. Prior to her invitation, I was with her and the rest of medical missionaries and medical professionals at the Heritage Center, 28th Floor, Raffles Tower at Ortigas, Pasig City. It’s a Health Professionals Sabbath Convocation dubbed as “Called and Revived for Mission: Medical Missionary Work”. This event was organized by the Health Ministries Department of North Philippine Union Conference where Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso serves as the Health Ministries Director.

Called and revived Medical Missionaries for the Master Physician

Called and revived Medical Missionaries for the Master Physician (some attendees left earlier, photo credit: Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso)

It was an inspiring fellowship attended by health professionals and graced by the topnotch SDAs of the recent PLE and other top notchers in the earlier years — MedTech Exam, NLE. Inspiring testimonies were given too! It’s a musical Sabbath as well, I am humbled and blessed to have given a part to render “I will Stand as a Witness of Christ”, with Weanne Myrrh Estrada (Top 1 of NLE 2010) in keyboard accompaniment. *I have a blog entry for this convocation. Keep posted!

Wordsmith with a Mission

Aside from being in a family crucible who dealt with three severe health cases with three family members (younger brother, eldest sister and father), and three successive deaths in three consecutive years (March 2011, December 2012, December 2013), I also experienced being a medical missionary in the field in my late teens and early 20s. With this, I am grateful of the Wounded Healer’s ministry channeled in amazing ways. Involving in this endeavor is a way to pay it forward to others in need.

Last night, around past 10:00 PM, I was in a hurry finishing some blogs. But when Ma’am Lalaine sent me a message, I paid attention with an impression that my help is needed. She requested me to write a letter of request for a helicopter, while she deals with other arrangements and other concerns related to Ma’am Gladdens Zamora Azuprado’s critical medical condition.

I was quite shocked and I pity the patient for the unimaginable condition she is going through. I requested Ma’am Lalaine to pray for me, because I don’t know what to say, she gave me the details. With prayerful thoughts, this letter was done in a few minutes. I felt the urgency due to the emergency. To God be the glory for the thoughts impressed!

Please read the letter’s content to know the case of the patient. They need more support, especially in prayers.

May heaven’s riches blessings pour upon you and abound!

We beseech your good office to allow us to use one of your helicopters to transport a very critical patient. Gladdens Zamora Azuprado, the 40-year old patient, is a high school teacher on health subject at Naga View Adventist College. She suffered from a severe headache and profuse vomiting early Monday morning. She was rushed to Naga City Doctors Hospital.

The doctors discovered that one of her blood vessels ruptured in the brain, but they can’t locate where particularly the hemorrhage occurred. With this, the blood spread all over her brain which causes excruciating pain. This life-threatening condition prompted the doctors to do the medical procedures needed, but their facilities are not sufficient. The doctors mandated an urgent transfer to Manila, where state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers could facilitate the dire need of the patient.

However, her critical case doesn’t allow her to be transported by land. She will have a hard time dealing with long and rough travel. She can’t be transferred via commercial plane either, because the abrupt flight and pressure on air might cause further rupture of her brain vessels. On the other hand, with a helicopter, her transfer would be well managed and would be less hazardous.

We hope and pray that you’ll give an attention to this request. Your kind consideration for the critical patient’s case is much appreciated! We look forward to receiving your apt response.

Alfanoso family, working closely in the furtherance of God's work.

Alfanoso family, working closely in the furtherance of God’s work.

Wonderful Wounded Healer

According to Ma’am Lalaine, she sent the letter right away to the respective personnel that gave a positive response to help. Her update this morning made me cry with gratitude, although I am sad at the same time, knowing that the patient’s case got more severe.

Because of your letter, we were able to facilitate two choppers to airlift the patient. The Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Navy in Sangley Point. Ang problem ngayon hindi pwede e-airlift ang patient kasi very critical kaya stand by ngayon ang mga choppers–isn’t God amazing? It’s a mission impossible but you know what, I never doubted God.

My son thought that I was just joking that I need a helicopter last night. He showed me his toy chopper (big one for big boys), sabi ko hindi yan anak, tunay na helicopter that will transport your ate Gladz.

Sabi ng son ko, that’s a mission impossible mommy. Pero after the hardwork, and people working together to request for a helicopter, the lord provided us! Not only ONE helicopter, but TWO! WOW! I cannot contain my happiness for the answered prayer. I just would like to share to you my happiness.

Thanks so much po sa help. I also had an experience with my mom when she was hospitalized. Then, ang dami rin tao naghelp and it’s overwhelming. Kaya nga po parang pay it forward and nangyari.

Sabi nga po ng husband ko, gusto na niya mag give up pero kapag nakikita niya ang mga tao sa palibot niya, at kahit na yung hindi niya kilala gumagawa para matulungan sila, that keeps him going.

I’m glad about the answered prayer! Very unsuspecting…unassuming…nakaka suspense!

I don’t know how to react, but PRAISE the LORD! I am nothing, but I am grateful! I never knew that even a very simple way of responding to a call to help would be a means of hastening the process, and God blessed and answered our prayers! Isn’t our Wounded Healer wonderful?

The patient, Ma'am Gladdens Zamora Azuprado with her loving family, Jun (Abraham), her hubby and son.

The patient, Ma’am Gladdens Zamora Azuprado with her loving family, Jun (Abraham), her hubby and son.

His Helping Hands

On behalf of the family and support group of Ma’am Gladdens,  Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso acknowledges her heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who kindheartedly extended help

  • Promise Joy De Castro
  • Rose Olarte Orbita
  • Rico Ricamata
  • The pilot in Sangley Point (I will withhold his name upon request)
  • The Headquarters of the Philippine Navy
  • Philippine Air Force (National) and Region V
  • My top 1, Daniel Alfanoso III (Dr. Lalaine’s hubby)
  • the people who fervently pray and encourage
As of this morning, the patient’s airlift transfer was suspended due to her worsened situation. She’s more critical and the doctors advised her to stay.
She will undergo CT Angiogram today.
Kindly keep her and her medical support group in your prayers. I initiated to blog this in support of Ma’am Gladdens. I may not fully understand how horrible her condition is, and how her family and friends are going through, but I empathize because I’d been in a similar situation before. May this inspire the family more. Kindly hold on to your faith. Jesus is ever near. Remember,  someone praying for you!
Nothing amazes me more than seeing a miracle happen. A miracle is simply an affirmation of God’s faithfulness!
Blog post about my sister Leah

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Note: Photos credit to Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso. Videos credit to You Tube, Hope Channel, and Eliezer Vida (Miracles). This blog has a copyright . The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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