AmBAG Shines at the FilAm Star

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 

John Bunyan

Several weeks have passed since  the Friendly Challenge started between the BAG943 Founder and Prime Mover, Josh Mahinay, and Doc Anton Mari Lim, Co-Founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and Major Supporter of BAG943.

In case you haven’t got any idea about it, please take time to read Trending for Tacloban Kids first. You’ll fully grasp the goal of this attempt, much more a fun challenge which started from a mere “kulitan” between the two.

Ripple Reaches the Western Shores

Have you ever thrown a pebble on a lake or on the sea?

Were you able to see the ripples it created? Have you estimated how far  the ripples have reached?

Surprisingly, an article featuring the AmBAG campaign, particularly the friendly challenge was published in FilAm Star. It’s overwhelming how this endeavor catches the attention of FilAm community in the US.

Click on the link and scroll down to page (A4) to read the article written by Sir Federico Espiritu.

Thank you FilAm Star for this very nice feature about #amBAG campaign. ~Josh Mahinay

Thank you FilAm Star for this very nice feature about #amBAG campaign. ~Josh Mahinay

Game Changers at their best, Josh & Doc Anton give new meaning to a typical "crab mentality" among Filipinos. :)

Game Changers at their best, Josh & Doc Anton give new meaning to a typical “crab mentality” among Filipinos. 🙂

I’m humbled to get connected also to Sir Federico who respond right away to my request when I added him in Facebook. He told me how he was able to connect with the two when I shared this blog, informing that I featured his article. I also appreciated his wonderful craft.

Josh and Doc Anton, amBag ang BAG943 are great stories to tell for our Kababayans, and to support, Lailanie.

I came to know first Doc Anton when I wrote about Kabang and then he led me to Josh. All tiles fell into the right places as arranged by the Lord and now you’re picking up “Dual Voice”. Great providential handiwork.

The Thrilling Tandem

No matter what would be the outcome of this friendly challenge, Josh and Doc Anton would always be a great and thrilling tandem for the cause of impoverished people. Their priority is to serve God, and to make their territory more sunshiny, radiating the sunlight from the Sun of Righteousness. 🙂

For the passed few days, the race to 100 sales made a big difference among the lives of many people in diverse walks of life.

A FRIENDLY CHALLENGE-turned-into friends, families, public figures and celebrities coming together to support either #teamJosh Josh Mahinay or #teamDocAnton Anton Mari H. Lim to win the 100-sales challenge before March 15, 2014 #amBAG bag drive in Samar.

In the end, it is going to be the Yolanda affected school children who will be real winners.

Friendly Challenge is more of fun and a call to generosity.  #teamJosh + #teamDocAnton = #teamJesus For they are His volunteers, seeing Jesus in every child with an eye of faith.

Friendly Challenge is more of fun and a call to generosity.
#teamJosh + #teamDocAnton = #teamJesus
For they are His volunteers, seeing Jesus in every child with an eye of faith.

Follow this thread and pick a team to support :

As an outcome, more and more sales rose to this statistics:

*Fast-Paced Team Doc Anton: 38 (March 6th), 63 (March 7th)

*Teams Josh’s Sprinting Spree: 25 (March 6th), 50 (March 7th)

This morning, I was notified about the surprising news. Yesterday morning, #teamJosh had 25 sales still. But this testimonial shows how God works in mysterious ways. What a leap of faith! 🙂

#teamJosh thank God! Last night I closed a deal (25 sales) so we are catching up. Few more sales and we can close the gap. ~Josh

Contagious Compassion

Compassion is indeed contagious! I am amazed how  people converge despite the distances, even beyond the borders of our country. Love knows no economic and political status, cultural differences and personality uniqueness! Love could unite in spite of diversity.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free

You are never TOO POOR to GIVE, never TOO ORDINARY to DO GREAT things. ~Josh Mahinay

Would you dare to live compassionately today?

An invitation from Josh:

I got invited to guest tomorrow at 6:00am-7am, “MAGANDANG MORNING with Julius Babao and Niña Corpuz”, DZMM Radyo Patrol 630.
If you are a morning person and would like to join our conversation about BAG943 and #amBAG which will have its first project installment on March 15, 2014, tune in

Link for audio streaming here:

It is simultaneously airing on cable channels. For cable channel assignments in your areas, click here:

Gracias Ms. Christine Babao for working this out for BAG94!

*More updates will be posted tomorrow. Keep posted! 🙂

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