Surprisingly Surprised

creative box full of surprises!

a creative box full of surprises!

I love surprising her. She loves surprising me too! If we’re not having five years gap, I could have believed that we’re twins, like most people used to think.

Last Saturday morning, she handed me a box, and I was surprisingly surprised! Not because it’s a formal invitation to be her bridesmaid, instead of a Maid of Honor, but with a very touching creative artwork. I think she surpassed my creativity already! Here’s the description of me written in the list of the entourage.

“Maid of Honor”
Best stage sis.

Keeper of my most embarrassing stories.

Most likely to stop the ceremony to save a butterfly. 


Identical but aren’t twins

For people whom we confused as twins, those who called me Zola, and who called her Lanie interchangeably, here’s what I’ve written for Zola’s birthday last year.

Baby Dalaga Bloomed to Beauteous Dilag

Since she was a wee lass, her wit, charm and beauty has been noticed by many. She’s kinda set-apart, she’s matured beyond her age.

She’s competitive yet compassionate. She’s tough and yet tender-hearted. She’s discreet and yet delightful (she loves to bully me sometimes — lambing).

My loquaciousness is challenged in describing her. If I won’t try brevity, my reservoir of adjectives might run out, oh what a calamity!

So, here’s an acronym:



I call her Babe (the gallant piglet, haha!), she calls me Baba (the black sheep with curly wool, horaay!). Like typical sisters, sometimes we argue, we have petty fights. But at the end of the day, we’re still best friends. Oooppsss, best frenemies haha!

We often confuse people of “which is which” — coz both friends and strangers misconceive us as “twins”. But we tend not to beguile, it’s just — legendary! ^^

Btw, attempt for brevity failed…Well, today’s a Special Sabbath, start of her quarter life. My special prayer is for her to overcome the quarter life crisis, if ever she’ll be bothered (haha). I hope the best for her & her future. May her lovelife & spirituality flourish more!

I l ove her big time!


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