Promise Neither to Make or Break a Promise

Promises were ropes of sands for me, then.

They were made with thrilling anticipation. Failed expectations led to failed relationships, broken friendships.

Promises were ropes of sands for me, then.

I made them. I broke them. Either intentionally or unintentionally, breaking a promise leaves consequences of various kinds. Oftentimes, negative outcome abounds.

Evaluating and re-evaluating my personal relationship with God, especially today, made me realize that I made a lot of promises. Whether small and petty promises, they’re not supposed to be made just to be messed up; like the cliche, “Promises are not made to be broken.” But it’s really a big deal to break a promise or covenant with the Lord. I have shortcomings everyday.

Not so Petty Promises

I made a short list amidst the mundane things that I could make promises with myself.

  • Daily Devotional – consistent quality time with the Lord despite super hectic schedule.
  • Regular Running – whether there’s race or not, I should run at least thrice a week.
  • Season of Spiritual Refreshing – not just pause or pose for prayer, but fervent prayer.
  • Connect or communicate with loved ones.
  • Small time spent on social media.
  • Blog at least four times a week. Blog everyday if possible. Make it happen.
  • Don’t gossip or talk cheap.
  • Don’t lie.

I can list down more, but I guess it isn’t necessary. My point is to emphasize, that whether spiritual or not, I should shun making promises. I should have the goals set, and achieve them through God’s grace.

The work of transformation from unholiness to holiness is a continuous one. Day by day God labors for man’s ‪‎sanctification‬, and man is to cooperate with Him, putting forth persevering efforts in the cultivation‬ of right habits‬. He is to add grace to grace; and as he thus works on the plan of addition, God‬ works for him on the plan of multiplication.” ~ Ellen G. White, My Life Today, p.106

Pinky Promise

This morning, I browsed a blog which surprised me! There’s a community of Christians who are making commitment with the Lord for chastity and purity of heart! Check it out:

It's not about petty promises, but fervent promise with the ONE who never fails with His promises.

It’s not about petty promises, but fervent promise with the ONE who never fails with His promises.

In our modern and media-manipulated world today, it’s still rare to find men and women who opt to commit themselves to God in this area. Most often, they are stereotyped as weirdos and wannabes. But who knows the motive of the heart? Who is just to judge?

I don’t judge people who’ve given away their virginity or people who chose different path in life. I don’t wanna brag about my covenant for purity, but physical purity isn’t enough. It should be deep, purity of heart can only be achieved through the merits of the RIGHTEOUS ONE.

So, after browsing the blog, I read again and again the manifesto:

A promise to honor God with your body and your life. To refuse to give your body to anyone that hasn’t paid the price for you called marriage. It’s a promise to stay pure before God in EVERY single way. It’s a promise that says, I won’t test the boundaries in my relationship to see how far I can push it sexually–but instead–I want God to have my heart.
It’s a promise to God that you will honor your marriage covenant. It’s saying that I promise not to step outside of my marriage, cheat on my spouse and that I’ll work through every issue.
I really appreciate the noble cause of Heather Lindsey, who created the blog and initiated the community to help each other through motivation. But I haven’t joined yet. I actually made my own pinky promise to God several years ago. And that’s what I want to keep, together with the other promises I listed. I shouldn’t consider them promises, for I didn’t make them just to break them.
"Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Ps. 37:4

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps. 37:4

"What you've become while waiting is more important than what you're waiting for." ~Nicole Parker

“What you’ve become while waiting is more important than what you’re waiting for.” ~Nicole Parker

What are the promises you made that you’ve broken? Are there areas in your life or habits that are needed to be changed, not only modified? Let’s discuss about them, and perhaps pray for them, if that is called for.
Here are my favorite songs. I used to sing “I Promise” at weddings. I will sing “Promise Me Forever” is a friend’s wedding soon. Actually, they are my waiting and promise songs.
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2 responses to “Promise Neither to Make or Break a Promise

  1. I hope you’d believe me when I say that I also promised myself the same promises you mentioned.
    1. Daily devitional
    2. Running 3x a week
    3. Fervent prayer time
    4. Connect with friends and loved ones
    5. Spend lesser time on social media
    6. Blogging at least 2x a week.
    Here is where I deviate from yours:
    7. Travel and explore more places
    8. Lead people closer to God.

    I enjoyed reading your blog! God bless… Keep the ball rolling! 😀

    • Hey, that’s so cool! 😀

      I find it fascinating, actually, the two others are my concerns as well. But since I fulfill those, I didn’t include ’em. I travel a lot! New and awesome places were conquered. And it’s more fulfilling because every trip is a mission trip! When it comes to leisure trip, I see to it, I could inspire and minister to at least one soul. 🙂

      Thanks for the time, and for leaving such nice compliment.

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