Mr. Pitch Perfect’s Musical Memento


That’s the best adjective to describe how I met Richard “Ian” Jacinto. I didn’t have any hint of his exceptional talent or fame when I first met him in the first week of February, 2015. I just thought he’s a model (which made him think I’m flattering him, haha!) Since he’s of good looks and height, and he has the American accent, it made me think he’s a balikbayan (expat) who’s venturing a modeling career.

Gracing a remarkable event at PGA Porsche Center.

Gracing a remarkable event at PGA Porsche Center.

I wouldn’t give the details of our first encounter, but thanks to his warmth and humility, the travel went fine having a good conversation along. I’ll feature him one day in my column, and I’m glad he’s accommodating. It’s a good thing to know a talented person, Mr. Pitch Perfect, as how is known for. But it’s better to be friends with a very promising artist who’s so humble and nice. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, he have kept the Filipino values, and I appreciate his parents for that. Being musically gifted, he preferred to establish his career here in our country and even took his music degree in University of the Philippines.

Saxophonist | Composer |Arranger

Saxophonist | Composer |Arranger

The first cover I watched among his numerous covers was Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, which has almost 155K views.

I just saw today his recent cover of “Love Me Like You Do” [Fifty Shades of Grey].

Get to know him more and watch more of his covers and T.V. appearances:
Facebook: Ian Jacinto
Twitter: RichardIanJ
Instagram: RichardIanJ
YouTube: rikirjjacinto

Aside from having corporate shows, he also accepts invitation to play at weddings, debut parties and other events, at a very reasonable rate. 😀

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