Suzuki Violin Summer Camp Concert 2015

I’m a sucker of classical and instrumental music. Quite emotional in nature, I’m easily driven by the melody, harmony, and rhythm. So when I’m invited to watch recitals and concerts, I would always say YES! Especially if it’s a treat or if it’s free!

I said yes to an invitation of a friend, after we watched an oboe and flute recital early this May. I forgot if Rufina the saxophonist, mentioned it’s a Suzuki Violin Concert in particular. I just remembered it’s a concert on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015, at Xavier’s School in Nuvali.

And I vividly remembered I said yes, I would come and see, and support them. But due to crazy schedule, something came up. I changed my mind. I wouldn’t go, unless I make a way out of my schedule’s maze. Then Michael the violinist, followed up an invitation (I remembered he mentioned it during his birthday on April), persuaded me to come. Wylee the cellist fetched me. How could I say NO to the strong force of musical friends? I could hardly imagine. Haha

Suzuki Surprise

It was my first time to visit the school. I was tempted to go to its direction to run one time I was a lone runner at Nuvali. I was fascinated by its architecture. The infrastructures were cool! I was surprised to see it in the midst of the verdant and serene lands. I was even more surprised to have found out that it’s a Suzuki Violin Summer Camp Concert. Haha! Much more to my surprise, to see my relatives. I didn’t know that Tita Melinda, Tita Nena and Tita Dan would be there too! Instant mini reunion! My cousin Mark, a violinist was part of it. First time to see him perform!

“Music can be made a great power for good…” ~ Ellen G. White, Messages to the Young People

Mark, savoring the moment with Maestro Homer :)

Mark, savoring the moment with Maestro Homer 🙂

Instant mini reunion at the concert. :)

Instant mini reunion at the concert. 🙂

But surprises of all surprises, I was greatly entertained by the wee lass and lad who played gracefully with their tiny, gifted hands. Ranging from four to eight ears old, the kids reminded me of my childhood dream of taking piano and violin lessons. We just couldn’t afford it. I would love to have my future kids undergo such musical training, a good way to spend summer and childhood days productively. The discipline the music lessons give are apt contribution to their growth as well. Aside from the benefits of molding their minds and empowering their memories, it also give remarkable memoirs – friendships and lots of fun!

Tiny, cutie, gifted kids making mirthful music.

Tiny, cutie, gifted kids making mirthful music.

I know it’s not all fun when you have hours and hours of practice, memorization and moments of focus. That’s why I applauded at their superb performances! I have high regard and respect with musicians, whether beginners or masters of their instruments. I’m simply astonished with the talent and dedication of Maestro Homer Ilao, the master violinist and instructor of the Suzuki Violin Summer Camp. Through his exceptional tutelage, many gifted children were molded into exquisite instructors: Fredrick Murillo (orchestra conductor and violinist), Amber Loraine Murillo (performing pianist and violinist), Armand Leo Apalat (orchestra conductor and violinist), Aera Jean Apalat (concert master, violinist), Michael John Frias (performing violinist and pianist), Salome Velasco (performing violinist), Myjeily Sarno (performing violinist), to name a few.

Melodious Mother’s Love

Behind the success of this concert were parents who are great supporters and motivators. They deserve the best rendition ever! Especially the mothers who dedicated their time to look after their children, to encourage to be more determined in practices and of course, to spend wisely to provide the reasonable amount for music lessons. I could say it’s expensive, but it’s a very reasonable investment for the children’s growth! 🙂

This intuitive baby could be the next orchestra conductor :)

This intuitive baby could be the next orchestra conductor 🙂

This Suzuki Violin Summer Concert is special because of the heart-warming performance of the parents, singing “You Raise Me Up” with the accompaniment of the orchestra and a solo ballet performance of a girl (I wish I could have asked her name and personally appreciated her). It’s a yearly event. Since it’s my first, I just wish I could attend the next summer camp. I encourage the parents out there to support your kids to join the next Suzuki Violin Summer Camp. If your kids aren’t having music lessons yet, don’t dilly-dally to give them. You’ll surely reap a bountiful and mirthful harvest in the future! For queries and more info, kindly contact Mr. Homer Ilao (click his name to contact thru FB) or comment below. There would be another thrilling musical event this May! Don’t miss the National Suzuki Music Camp.

Mirthful and Melodious event to make your May more memorable

Mirthful and Melodious event to make your May more memorable

Unofficial Photographer

The “Chairman of the Bored of Cellist” (self-made title) entrusted his DSLR, and I knew what it meant when he said “kindly bring my camera”. I knew it! Haha! I didn’t even wonder why he fetched me – so there would be a media in their concert. After all, “Politician x Media” he commented. Haha! That political prowess! Persuasive at its best.

Bored of wackyness, the Chairman tries to be serious sometimes, especially when wearing barong. haha

Bored of wackyness, Wylee tries to be serious sometimes, especially when he’s wearing a barong. haha

So with my fondness for photography, I patiently captured the memories worth to be immortalized through the lenses. I’m not an expert. I just hoped I could give justice to their great performances.

As a simple token of our friendship, I’m dedicating this blog post to my gifted musician friends. Congratulations once again guys! You astonished me again and again! 🙂

Here are some of the videos taken. (more photos to be uploaded soon)

Michael John Frias aka “Master Mike” performed Hating Gabi by Antonio Molina with the orchestra. Then All of Me by John Legend was performed by the orchestra.

Here are related videos, the PIC Orchestra with Armand Leo Apalat, conducting; with violinists, cellist and saxophonist friends mentioned above. 🙂

They say musicians are best Mathematicians! Armand Leo Apalat is a CPA. I couldn't agree more! :)

They say musicians are best Mathematicians! Armand Leo Apalat is a CPA. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

“Praise to the Lord” and “You are My All in All” by PIC Orchestra were rendered during its 3rd year anniversary concert for a cause, for Yolanda Victims at Philippine International Church in the campus of the Adventist University of the Philippines.

© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Curly Bookworm and Armand Apalat (own photo). Videos credit to Wylee and PIC Orchestra. This blog has a copyright. The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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