How to Deal with PDA

I was in Boracay Island, in Station 1, to be specific. I’ve grown up spending some vacations there in that white paradise, coz my mother hails from Aklan. But although I’ve got used to see some liberated foreigners displaying their affections in public, I was caught unaware one time.

I was in haste on my way to the beachfront to catch the surreal sunset: when the seemingly shy sun’s glorious escape would leave a trace of heavenly hues of lilac, shimmering in gold and crimson. Almost everyone was mesmerized to pause and ponder on its picturesque wonders.

Captivating scenery when the shy sun hides at the western horizon on the dusk.

Captivating scenery when the shy sun hides at the western horizon on the dusk.

Then, boom! There were lovers caught in fiery passion of French kiss.

Who cares? But, I was petrified! Yet in the split of seconds, I continued with my strides. It wasn’t a movie to watch, after all.

“GET A ROOM” I heard a whisper from a spectator, grinning with envy.

It astonishes me how people could freely display their affection in public!

But what astounds me the most is a PDA not only within the parameter of a mall, public infrastructure, a park, but in the social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind other people’s business.

But, there’s something I despise – PDA: Public Display of Anger!

Delayed Flight, Frustrations, Fight

It was my first time to be caught in cataclysmic flight. Twice our flight got delayed. We’re supposed to depart at past 8:00 AM for a domestic flight. Then, it was moved to 11:00 AM. And unfortunately, moved again to past 2:00 PM, almost 3:00 PM! We’ve waited for almost seven hours. It wasn’t a wearisome waiting, if it weren’t for a scene.

Most of the flights were delayed, some got canceled. People were panicking. Others were in great rage. There was a group of passengers who rallied inside the waiting area from the gate. Some were crying, some were shouting their lungs out. Ranting to the fullest, until they reached the other side of the whole building. No wonder, the incident was televised.

That batch of passengers were like hostages, left locked in the shuttle. They weren’t oriented that their flight was again delayed. They waited for 45 minutes without proper orientation. Kids were screaming, and quite suffocated. Grown-up were cussing and ranting their nerves out.

I wasn’t able to fit my feet in their shoes, albeit we too suffered. I got nervous and I just prayed. There’s nothing I could do to deal that horrible situation but to be still. Send an emergency call to heaven for peace and comfort. “Oh wait, meekly wait, and murmur not!”

Rent a Room to Rant

Ok, I’m not an expert with this. I’ve learned my lesson in a hard way, long ago. Having an activist instinct, loquaciousness could let loose a manifold of rants for certain issues (especially political issues in the government and church). But I see to it, I am doing it the right way, I still choose the words to say or type at my social account. I don’t cuss. Albeit I want to awaken minds and spread awareness. But later on, I realized that no matter how well I thought I would do it, it’s still a rant. The Biblical principles emphasized in Philippians 4:8 and Proverbs 10:19 are still compromised. Btw, who can tame the tongue? (James 3:1-12)

“In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise” ~ Proverbs 10:19

A principle that is often taken for granted.

A principle that is often taken for granted.

It’s tempting to RANT when you know personally, and you’re friends with the people involved in an issue. To rant and let the people know you are human, you are affected too could ease your sorrow; but the eruption of seemingly dormant volcano of emotion would surely leave a messy aftermath. You rather hold your peace through God’s grace.

The social media is a multifaceted tool both to build and to tear down people. While it’s very effective to hasten the advancement of God’s cause, it could also be used by the devil to ruin lives, spread venomous issues which could engulfed a thick foliage through a fiery, wild fire. We all know that. But how do we deal with it?

Moreover, the social media has been abused by many, using it as an open courtroom to throw quick judgement and condemnation at people they don’t even know personally or know not, even as an acquaintance. Before a due process, the ill verdict could be done ahead of it. You weren’t born yesterday not to get what I mean.

Pray It Out Loud

Ok, I’m not going to preach, promise! 🙂

There’s no argument with the power of prayer. And it’s very comforting to know that when you pray, you aren’t misunderstood and being taken for granted by the ONE who is JUST to listen intently. He is RIGHTEOUS enough to discern the inner most thoughts and feelings you have. But you still need to let it be known to God. (Matt. 11:28-30)

So if you’re ANGRY, shout it out loud — to God. Rant, if you want to break free from bottling up. Better go to your closet, or room to do it. At least you would have a privacy, and people won’t be able to make an issue out of it. Issue begets issue, if not handled well. If you don’t want to add complications to it, just be silent.

There are times when SILENCE is GOLDEN.

It’s healthy to loosen up your emotions, granted that it’s between you and God. Break down if need be. But stand up with Him who answers prayers. Pray for the issue, the people involved and pray for yourself how to let go and let God.

“If you want to STAND like Jesus, You should KNEEL like Jesus.” ~ Kneeology, Aias C.

Again, I would reiterate, I’m not expert on this. I also fall short of God’s glory. And yet, no matter how many times I stumble, I would rise again and again. But over the time, I learned to sulk in a healthy way and to savor serenity amidst chaos.

Perfect peace comes from God. The Peacespeaker still speaks this time like the days of the disciples of old. All you have to do is to be STILL and KNOW that HE is GOD.

In the stillness, His voice is heard the loudest. ~ Curly Bookworm


Why rent a room when you can create your own room to rant?

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4 responses to “How to Deal with PDA

  1. AJ

    You echo my pastor’s sermon last Sunday about submitting to authority, specifically the government. He said that instead of ranting and criticizing the government on social media or elsewhere, we should pray for the people in government. Hard pill to swallow, haha!

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