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8 Things I Wish my 16-year Old Self Knew

Delighted for this profound billet-doux! My kindred spirit inspires me too — A LoT! May you be blessed as you ponder on this open letter on a wish to time travel. 😀

Wanderful Joyce

Note: This letter is addressed to my younger self so it does not necessarily apply to every 16 year old who’s also figuring out what to do with their lives.rose

Dear 16-year old ME,

Graduating from high school felt great didn’t it? And now you think you are so ready for college! You think you’ve got this- sign up for a course, attend class regularly, get good grades and graduate. You think that as long as you stay focused and be single-minded in achieving that diploma then everything’s going to be okay. You think you’ve been dreaming about this all your life- get into college so you can start on that life you’ve always dreamed about.

And then in your determination to prove yourself to everybody, you forgot to look deep inside you and ask the questions that matter most. You were so focused on being that person everybody thought you should and could be that you forgot to…

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