Bespectacled Bookworm’s Choice

some of our books at home, others are still in the boxes...we recently moved to a new apartment

my favorite books are at the top 🙂

inspirational books

SSL & CQ collection and other inspirational books

Year Books, mini Conflict of the Ages Series, Dictionaries and different versions of the Bible

non-fiction and fiction books

I always dream to have a big library at home. But since I studied in a boarding school, far from our province, I can’t keep much books. I invested much of my time visiting the university library. Sometimes, I spend hours in the book stores to see new books and read there…I just don’t make it too obvious! 🙂

Last June 15, 2011, we moved to a four-story apartment, for the sake of my sick sister. We’re grateful to find a more conducive studio-type unit for her recuperation. Can you imagine carrying boxes of books from one place to another? E-books and soft copies of books are nice and easy to carry and read, but hard copies are still better choice for me. How about you?

*Photos were taken by the author

~LAF 2011


8 responses to “Bespectacled Bookworm’s Choice

  1. AJ

    Wow, you’re so organized. My books are scattered all over the house. I think most are even gone (people don’t return books!). Like you, I prefer physical books, not E-books. I like highlighting passages that resonate with me, dog-earing pages that deserve a second read, and weird as it may sound, smelling and handling the book itself. 🙂

    • Hi AJ! I think I’ve changed for the better hehe! Thanks for the commendation! When I was in a boarding house, I use to put my books anywhere, for an effect.
      I can relate, I use to lend books. What would I expect if I fail to remind the persons who borrowed books or the persons I intentionally lent books? Till this time, I have collector’s items scattered to different people. Highlighting reminds me how many times I re-read the book or how much I enjoyed reading! I also keep notes posted in pages, some epiphanies or reactions.
      Hey, it isn’t weird; I use to smell books and I love the essence of the old papers. One time, I was caught by the librarian smelling the almost-torn pages of antique books in the university library. She no longer wondered when she saw me many times… LOL! Worst for her maybe, I bought some 19th century books during the clearance SALE of the library — another way of eradicating books, for a cause.

      Maybe we could have a book exchange! 🙂 Travel books?! 🙂

      • AJ

        Hahaha smelling books in the library…definitely a bookworm’s fetish. 🙂 I wouldn’t really sniff it though cuz I might get allergic rhinitis. Or worse, inhale a silverfish! Yikes!

        Oh, I don’t have that many titles in my collection (actually I wouldn’t call it a collection at all). I know it’s sad but I hardly have the time to read. Tsk tsk.

        • Hi Chaching! That’s one of my weird attitude! haha But I see to it I don’t inhale dusts 🙂 I too am cautious not to inhale a silverfish ROTFL!

          It’s ok. Maybe you don’t have much time to read, but sure enough, you have time to write for others to read. That’s a fair share haha! I haven’t scribbled much of my musings lately…don’t have the time to write 😦

  2. Good job, Curly Bookworm!

  3. Haha! You can make a house out of your books! Did you read them all? I’m also a book lover but I’m not really someone who’s consistent with reading. I like your site! You seem to be a very adventurous, bold woman! Thumbs up!

    • You surprised me with that! 🙂 I long to have bigger library at home 🙂 BTW, I read almost all of the books and reread some of the fascinating ones. May you be inspired to keep on reading! 🙂 thanks for the appreciation! We can have adventures together if you like 🙂 God bless!

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