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Bouncing Back!

It’s been 5 months since the last time I’ve posted about my new website/blog Wanderful Wordsmith. It’s not my intention to abandon my beloved Curly Bookworm. I was too occupied to maintain two blogs! I really missed Curly Bookworm and my fellow bloggers in my community here.

So what happened in my absence here? Well, I’ve been contributing to two e-magazines in Thailand which is based in Bangkok. I actually juggled teaching ESL to Mongolian doctors, writing for e-magazines, and travel blogging! Check out my posts (click the titles):

August Awesomeness Overload It’s about awesome blessings from above.

  • Pinoy Thaiyo is the first and only Filipino e-magazine in Thailand. As one of the pioneering team, I was assigned as a columnist for Amazing Pinoy. I feature Filipinos (even half Filipinos) who excel with expertise in their respective fields and give glory to our motherland. They’re exceptional and gifted people from all walks of life who inspire and imbue patriotism, perseverance, patience and persistence.
BC no number

Don’t hesitate to connect with me, but I covered my number.Just send me a mail for any query.



Exceptional experience indeed!

  • Thailand Professionals is an e-magazine counterpart of a magazine for professionals established three years ago and was re-launched on August 12, 2015, during the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand. I feature professionals and VIPs like the Queen herself.



A monument of answered fervent prayers.

AUP College of Medicine: A Fulfilled Vision Aside from the affiliations from Thailand-based e-magazines, my blog about the inauguration of the most-awaited College of Medicine of the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) was featured in The LinkSummer-Fall 2015 Edition (The Official Publication of PUC/AUP – Alumni of Western North America) and  PUC/AUP Cyberlink (The Official E-Newsletter of PUC/AUP Alumni) August 16-22, 2015 Special Edition.


Mongolian doctors, though Buddhists easily adapted to our culture and our Christian community.

August’s Astonishing Surprise This is about the extra blessings beyond measure. I was requested and hired to teach Mongolian doctors for a short ESL program at AUP

There are a lot to share, but I will be back to tell more about my adventures as a travel writer/blogger for Flybook Travel and Tours, and the official travel blogger of the prominent ATTA Calabarzon (Association of Travel and Tours Agencies). It’s accredited by the Department of Tourism and is a leading association within Region IV-A or Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal & Quezon).


Taal Volcano adventure: Gazing at the grandeur of Vulcan Point, the largest island within a crater lake in a volcano island within a lake on an island in the world.

For sure, I miss a lot about you guys out there. To keep receiving fresh updates, I highly recommend for my subscribers here to also subscribe to my new website. I would gladly appreciate that.

Feel free to explore my new website. Read and share my post to share the sunshiny experience! Wanderful Wordsmith

© 2015 LAF




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Wanderful Wordsmith

For the past few weeks, I’ve scribbled my musings, and yet failed to blog about them. Then came an impression to jump start a new blog, Wanderful Wordsmith. This made me excited earlier last week. While I can’t consistently blog here in my main blog, I have a new one to catch up with. That could be really challenging, but I am hoping to really keep it updated with inspiring posts.

A wandering wordsmith who chases her musings.

A wandering wordsmith who chases her musings.

So, what’s in Wanderful Wordsmith for you? If you’re a travel and nature enthusiast, you’ll surely look forward to reading some of my adventures. And you might as well love the virtual tour you’ll experience through my hotel and resort reviews, and wonderful places I’ve been.

Wanderful Wordsmith was conceptualized on the third week of June 2015. “Wanderful” simply means full of wanderings, and “wordsmith”, a writer. Its niche is focused, and yet, not limited on traveling and writing. Here are the entries and topics:
Surreal Sojourn – travel and adventures, hotel and resort reviews
Runner’s Reverie – running musings and race reviews
Curly Bookworm – book reviews and author features (throwback posts from main blog)
Ethereal Epiphany – spiritual insight and introspection
Potpourri of Poetry – poems and poet features
Wishful Writer– blogging and writing, advocacy and product reviews

This blog is dedicated to my late father who already rested from his life’s journey. His passion of traveling and wandering had left a lasting impact on me and my family. I missed my father so much, she could just rely on the Heavenly Father.

On Father’s Day, I jump started the new website to honor my calling as an apprentice of the Heavenly Author:
Chasing chances to change the world through the Word – one reader at a time.

This time, I’m very intentional. I will limit blogging here. So, I encourage you to follow and subscribe to my new blog:


© 2015 LAF

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Winning Happiness, Health and Wealth with iWON

The paraphernalia signifying the Philippine flag beautifies SM Megamall where the iWON Mega Sizzle 2 and product launching took place last night. While heralding the Independence Day that would take place in less than two weeks, seeing the paraphernalia ignited an epiphany. The thrill almost swept me like the teasing tides of the scorching summer’s beach — oh how I long to be INDEPENDENT!


While our country has been blessed by freedom from the tyranny of other governments who occupied the Philippines for hundreds of years, it’s ironic how worsening the cases of poverty, graft and corruption and economic crisis nowadays. They seem to shackle majority of the masses to greater poverty and endless stress! You’re lying if you tell me you aren’t affected.

Chasing Chances

Talk about multilevel marketing (MLM) or networking business, and I would give you cold shoulders. No matter how appealing and wonderful the products could be, you wouldn’t convince me. Believe me, I’ve been there for many years. Same old story.

I had my part for failing. Would you blame me being a victim of wrong companies and their wrong system?


I’ve found out something new, very unique and set-apart company – a trustworthy one. It’s not the same as those who failed me before. You must have been also very tired of broken promises — ropes of sand. All you have to do is to set aside SKEPTICISM. Set aside your doubts and fears. Give iWON a chance to prove your dilemmas wrong. Give yourself another chance. These, I told myself.

Aside from knowing personally the President of the company, Ptr. Richard Tamayo, and the lifestyle coach behind PER.L.A., Dr. Blecenda “Blessy” Varona, I was astonished with the mission and vision of the company. iWON stands for Infinite Wellness Opportunity Network.

iWON missioniWON vision

Chances for Change

We’ve heard many times that “HEALTH is WEALTH”. Countless times I braced that maxim and did my best to change and improve my lifestyle. Our family had been though the most excruciating pain and financial strains due to health cases: three deaths in a row for three consecutive years! That should stop. God is gracious, and he allowed things to happen for a purpose.

I am persuaded with a belief that when health is secured, happiness and wealth just follow. I have something to do to CHANGE. It should start within. That’s the main reason I joined iWON! I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity to change my life holistically, help my family and others’ lives as well — be a world changer: one sick and poor person at a time.

Lifestyle Coach Vender Saddul during an IBP at Silang, Cavite. “Never underestimate the power of one, with the Power of ONE.” photo credit: Hope Agudo

Jam-packed Mega Trade Hall during Mega Sizzle 2

Jam-packed SM Mega Trade Hall during Mega Sizzle 2. Exhilarating 1st wave of products launching. At iWON, we have a cure for the root of health problems: HEALTH EDUCATION and LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. photo credit: Hope Agudo


Amid the hustle and bustle of life, stressful demands at work, can you still manage to have healthy lifestyle?
A phenomenal Per.L.A. (Personal Lifestyle Assistant) is a sure solution. It’s an amazing app that has been made out of the 27 years of experience of Dr. Blecenda Varona, a multi-awarded author, health educator and lifestyle coach.

Lifestyle medicine at the palm of your hands. We revolutionize lifestyle medicine to help you achieve a healthy body and an amazing lifestyle.

Lifestyle medicine at the palm of your hands.
We revolutionize lifestyle medicine to help you achieve a healthy body and an amazing lifestyle.

If you want to take the CHALLENGE of a HUGE CHANGE in your life: to acquire HAPPINESS, HOLISTIC HEALTH and WEALTH, and to be a world changer, check our website and contact us through these details:


Facebook: IWON Incorporated

Don't hesitate to contact US. Just inform you've got the info through this blog. :)

Don’t hesitate to contact US. Just inform you’ve got the info through this blog. 🙂

This event was a huge success! All Glory to God! Don’t miss the next mega sizzle! Keep posted! 🙂

© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to iWON and iCONS. This blog has a copyright. The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.

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How to Deal with PDA

I was in Boracay Island, in Station 1, to be specific. I’ve grown up spending some vacations there in that white paradise, coz my mother hails from Aklan. But although I’ve got used to see some liberated foreigners displaying their affections in public, I was caught unaware one time.

I was in haste on my way to the beachfront to catch the surreal sunset: when the seemingly shy sun’s glorious escape would leave a trace of heavenly hues of lilac, shimmering in gold and crimson. Almost everyone was mesmerized to pause and ponder on its picturesque wonders.

Captivating scenery when the shy sun hides at the western horizon on the dusk.

Captivating scenery when the shy sun hides at the western horizon on the dusk.

Then, boom! There were lovers caught in fiery passion of French kiss.

Who cares? But, I was petrified! Yet in the split of seconds, I continued with my strides. It wasn’t a movie to watch, after all.

“GET A ROOM” I heard a whisper from a spectator, grinning with envy.

It astonishes me how people could freely display their affection in public!

But what astounds me the most is a PDA not only within the parameter of a mall, public infrastructure, a park, but in the social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind other people’s business.

But, there’s something I despise – PDA: Public Display of Anger!

Delayed Flight, Frustrations, Fight

It was my first time to be caught in cataclysmic flight. Twice our flight got delayed. We’re supposed to depart at past 8:00 AM for a domestic flight. Then, it was moved to 11:00 AM. And unfortunately, moved again to past 2:00 PM, almost 3:00 PM! We’ve waited for almost seven hours. It wasn’t a wearisome waiting, if it weren’t for a scene.

Most of the flights were delayed, some got canceled. People were panicking. Others were in great rage. There was a group of passengers who rallied inside the waiting area from the gate. Some were crying, some were shouting their lungs out. Ranting to the fullest, until they reached the other side of the whole building. No wonder, the incident was televised.

That batch of passengers were like hostages, left locked in the shuttle. They weren’t oriented that their flight was again delayed. They waited for 45 minutes without proper orientation. Kids were screaming, and quite suffocated. Grown-up were cussing and ranting their nerves out.

I wasn’t able to fit my feet in their shoes, albeit we too suffered. I got nervous and I just prayed. There’s nothing I could do to deal that horrible situation but to be still. Send an emergency call to heaven for peace and comfort. “Oh wait, meekly wait, and murmur not!”

Rent a Room to Rant

Ok, I’m not an expert with this. I’ve learned my lesson in a hard way, long ago. Having an activist instinct, loquaciousness could let loose a manifold of rants for certain issues (especially political issues in the government and church). But I see to it, I am doing it the right way, I still choose the words to say or type at my social account. I don’t cuss. Albeit I want to awaken minds and spread awareness. But later on, I realized that no matter how well I thought I would do it, it’s still a rant. The Biblical principles emphasized in Philippians 4:8 and Proverbs 10:19 are still compromised. Btw, who can tame the tongue? (James 3:1-12)

“In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, But he who restrains his lips is wise” ~ Proverbs 10:19

A principle that is often taken for granted.

A principle that is often taken for granted.

It’s tempting to RANT when you know personally, and you’re friends with the people involved in an issue. To rant and let the people know you are human, you are affected too could ease your sorrow; but the eruption of seemingly dormant volcano of emotion would surely leave a messy aftermath. You rather hold your peace through God’s grace.

The social media is a multifaceted tool both to build and to tear down people. While it’s very effective to hasten the advancement of God’s cause, it could also be used by the devil to ruin lives, spread venomous issues which could engulfed a thick foliage through a fiery, wild fire. We all know that. But how do we deal with it?

Moreover, the social media has been abused by many, using it as an open courtroom to throw quick judgement and condemnation at people they don’t even know personally or know not, even as an acquaintance. Before a due process, the ill verdict could be done ahead of it. You weren’t born yesterday not to get what I mean.

Pray It Out Loud

Ok, I’m not going to preach, promise! 🙂

There’s no argument with the power of prayer. And it’s very comforting to know that when you pray, you aren’t misunderstood and being taken for granted by the ONE who is JUST to listen intently. He is RIGHTEOUS enough to discern the inner most thoughts and feelings you have. But you still need to let it be known to God. (Matt. 11:28-30)

So if you’re ANGRY, shout it out loud — to God. Rant, if you want to break free from bottling up. Better go to your closet, or room to do it. At least you would have a privacy, and people won’t be able to make an issue out of it. Issue begets issue, if not handled well. If you don’t want to add complications to it, just be silent.

There are times when SILENCE is GOLDEN.

It’s healthy to loosen up your emotions, granted that it’s between you and God. Break down if need be. But stand up with Him who answers prayers. Pray for the issue, the people involved and pray for yourself how to let go and let God.

“If you want to STAND like Jesus, You should KNEEL like Jesus.” ~ Kneeology, Aias C.

Again, I would reiterate, I’m not expert on this. I also fall short of God’s glory. And yet, no matter how many times I stumble, I would rise again and again. But over the time, I learned to sulk in a healthy way and to savor serenity amidst chaos.

Perfect peace comes from God. The Peacespeaker still speaks this time like the days of the disciples of old. All you have to do is to be STILL and KNOW that HE is GOD.

In the stillness, His voice is heard the loudest. ~ Curly Bookworm


Why rent a room when you can create your own room to rant?

© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Google. This blog has a copyright. The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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Bookworm Craze: Curly Bookworm’s BOOKS on SALE!

Few months ago, I read an article entitled: “THE BOY WHO CRIED BOOKS”. It was so fascinating because it’s about an impoverished young man who paves his way to secure education through selling books. Isn’t it amazing that he creatively make money to sustain himself to acquire the key to success?

I actually thought of going to where he sells books, bring some of my books to donate, so he could make good use of it, and let him know I highly appreciate his determination to obtain an education in a noble way. I also want to see some books to buy from his mini shop. I even encouraged friends to do the same. But since I’ve traveled a lot in the past months, flying here and there, seeing new and picturesque places for ministry and business trips, the thought was gone with the wind.

Later on, I thought of selling my books for a cause. I have another personal ministry so close to my heart: Pathfinder ministry. I want to save money for the Pathfinder Bible, and some resource materials for instruction since I get invitations to speak or give lectures on Master Guide training. aww

Crazy for a Cause

Then came the impression to pursue selling my books for a good cause: to save funds to donate to BRING LOVE IN, a non-profit organization which help sustain communities of orphans and widows, and impoverished families in Ethiopia. I wouldn’t have much, but I believe: “Great things start from small beginnings.” God provides and blesses the willingness to extend a hand.

It took me reading NO GREATER LOVE to realize more that others’ needs sometimes matter than my own. It teaches selflessness rather than selfishness, it promotes generosity and cheerful giving. I learned much from the selfless dedication of Benkert family who sold everything they have, left the comforts and greener pastures of USA to live in the poverty-stricken Ethiopia.

If you haven’t read my previous article, please STOP; kindly read it first so you’ll fully understand this cause:

Bookworm Challenge: Book Channeling

But Philippines is also poverty-stricken!

I have some ideas to help local related institutions I’ve visited and their advocacy. I’ll share about them later.

Letting Go, Letting God

Sounds so dramatic. haha

I’ve been with my books for many years, some, for many months. I thought many times if I really want to sell them away. I wouldn’t have the chance to see them again unless I sell them to my friends. In case I miss my books, I could visit them and see their bookshelves. LOL. Attachment. I really don’t know if you’re thinking I’m simply crazy. But it’s good to learn how to detach from personal stuff. Let go. haha

Why not just give them away? I thought about that before. It’s a relief to see my shelf with new space for new books. And to think that many others would be blessed with the books, I almost did. But I realized, I lent a lot of books to friends before, only few were returned. Maybe some forgot, or others presumed it’s given already. I’m guilty of the latter statement. I need to return the books lent to me as well. haha

For me, books are investments. They feed the mind, make your brain work more, and when applied to life the principles learned, huge blessing! So, ROI (return on investment) is expected. But it all depends on me how to handle my investments. I hope you’ve got my point. I understood that people oftentimes give greater value to things they acquired with money associated with it. When they bought them, they care more and make use of them more. Sometimes, people keep them to maintain its newness. So does with books (gifts as well). haha

I’m selling my books for low and reasonable prices. I’m selling them preferably to my friends because if other people buy them and they live abroad, the cost of shipping would surpass the amount of books. But who knows, they won’t also care for the extra charge? I have a new-found friend in Australia who bought four copies of new Health & Home (hard bound) and didn’t mind the cost of shipping (extra charge), to help my student ‘literature evangelist’ brother. Another friend from Saudi who had vacation last year bought two copies, there’s greater cause to deliver it personally. Grateful to have experienced generosity.

Bidding My Books Goodbye

Here are some of my books. Others are slightly used. Some, bought and never used – ‘tsundoku’ effect.

Take Time for Your Life (self-help) P150 – I personally learned a lot of practical lessons from the New York Times’ #1 best-selling author and lifestyle expert who supports busy people in achieving personal success without compromising their quality of life. Cheryl Richardson’s works were covered widely by the media, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and the New York Times.


Crucial Confrontations (self-help) P150 – This help me most to deal with my weakness – confronting controversial and complex issues at work and at home. Much more of conflict management book, this national bestseller encourages never to walk away again from another conflict, but to deal with it maturely and intelligently. The award-winning team of authors produced two New York Times bestsellers, including this. They’ve been sought-after speakers and consultants.


Wellness at Warp Speed (healing) P180 – The cure you seek is within! The body has its power to heal, you just need to discover the best way to heal yourself with nature’s help, and of course, the Great Physician. This is about the unique perspective of a physician and patient, what he discovered to have brought miracles. Dr. Noah McKay had his own dramatic recovery from life-threatening heart disease at age 33.


Remember (inspirational novel) P120 – This is a moving and inspiring story about tragedy, healing and the importance of remembering. I understand that sometimes, people wanted to forget or to have selective amnesia to forget a dark past, a deep hurt or great loss. But this is something to learn from: heartfelt acceptance and forgiveness. Karen Kingsbury is America’s #1 inspirational novelist, written more than 40 novels over 15 million of copies.


What Once We Loved (inspirational novel) P120 – This is an inspiring story about a circle of courageous women who discovered the meaning of independence, forgiveness and love in poignant and heartwarming ways. Jane Kirkpatrick is an acclaimed author of two-non-fiction books and seven novels, including the award-winning A Sweetness to the Soul.


Singin’ and Swingin’… (autobiography) P120 – This is a memoir of remarkable accomplishments and travels. It also serves as an entertaining companion for travel, as you learn more of the world’s renowned best-selling author, poet, singer, thespian and actress. Maya Angelou received the Ladies’ Home Journal “Woman of the Year Award” in 1975.


The World According to Clarkson (funniest memoir) P120 – Never been so entertained with a very hilarious, and roller-coaster ride of reading experience. Jeremy Clarkson has a strong dose of common sense, and his sarcasm is quite brilliant, LOL. He made his name presenting a poky motoring programme on BBC2 called Top Gear.


Memoirs of Emma Courtney (classic literature) P120 – This is an Oxford World’s Classic. A gem, if you’re quite a feminist, LOL. Aside from hilarious entertainment, this is partly autobiographical and is based on Mary Hays’ own struggle with romance and Enlightening philosophy. The author is a feminist, and she reveals the lamentable gap between ‘what women are’ and ‘what women ought to be’.


Things Fall Apart (classic literature) P120 – First published in 1959, it was widely sold in the United States, more than two million copies. Worldwide, there are eight million copies in print in fifty different languages. This is Chinua Achebe’s master piece, often compared to the great Greek tragedies. This is uniquely and richly African, yet many diverse culture could relate to the plight of the man he wrote about.


The Lovely Bones (fiction) P100 – This #1 National Bestseller novel was made into a major motion picture. This is mesmerizing, but horribly scary at the beginning, but the ending was beautiful. I’ve wondered if I could be a sleuth and mystery stories were my favorite then. Alice Sebold is a gifted and phenomenal author. She received numerous praise for her works.


The Magician’s Nephew (inspirational fiction) P80 – NARNIA…where Talking Beasts walk… this is part of the series of the Chronicles of Narnia which has been made into a major motion picture. Who doesn’t know the story? Clive Staples Lewis or best known as C.S. Lewis is a world renowned professor at Cambridge University. He wrote numerous books on Literary Criticism and on Christianity.


The Uncommon Reader (fiction) P75 – A funny and superbly observed novella about the Queen of England and the subversive power of reading. Authored by one of England’s leading dramatists since the success of his other craft, Beyond the Fringe in 1960s. Alan Bennett won six Tony Awards in 2006, with his recent play-turned-major motion picture, The History Boys.


A Self-Portrait (classic literature) P50 – This memoir, containing most of personal letters is a mirror of his soul. Kahlil Gibran is a Lebanese-US Arabic novelist, essayist, poet and painter. This booklet is a jewel from a romantic mystic and visionary.


The Practical Writer (writing) P120 – Another remarkable book for aspiring wordsmiths! It helped me practically, from inspiration to publication (most of my published works are online and some printed (magazine articles). I’m fascinated with several pages for Grants and Awards section, as well as conferences and residencies, and much more resources. Therese Eiben and Mary Gannon have worked for Poets and Writers Magazine, known for their superb accomplishments and leadership.


Perfect Phrases for Cover Letters (writing) P50 – New booklet but bought on sale, this would be very helpful for writing cover letters. You’ll find right phrase for every situation, any time! It’s important to make lasting impression on your first encounter with prospective employer, so this tool is a must. Michael Betrus conducts seminars and workshops in career guidance and has written numerous career guides.


Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords (online entrepreneurship) P250 – How to access 100 million people in 10 minutes? It’s impossible. This is a very helpful tool for entrepreneurs and online marketers. Even for common blogger like me, it gave much information which I could make use of to empower my presence in the blogosphere and the web. Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world’s most-quoted consultant on Google advertising. Bryan Tood is an international marketing consultant and Google Adwords specialist.

Google There would be another set of books for the next book sale. 😀 Keep posted!

© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Franz Fronda for taking the shots and Google photo (pile of books). This blog has a copyright. The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.


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It takes an idea with motivation to keep blogging overflow.

If you’ve noticed, I skipped more than a week of blogging. I consider myself a prodigal blogger, although I told myself, I will be consistent especially this month. With the theme, GROWTH, I still considered myself a bit ‘bonsai’.

“Let bygones be bygones.”

With today’s prompt: “What has been the easiest part of blogging?” I realized that procrastination has been hindering me to meet my goal – to blog daily, or as often as I can. The easiest part of blogging is when you let your idea overflow and be spontaneous. It’s good to have a theme, when you are supplied with prompts to have a directive. Joining a community of blogger like BlogHer is also an inspiration. You don’t only grow as a professional blogger, but you’ll be acquainted with awesome ones. Your blog also grow with your influence.

Earth Day Enthusiasm

While the world celebrates environmental awareness and Earth Day, I’ve got a thrill to till my blog’s soil. There’s a lot of potentials and resources to use in order to grow. Although it’s been true that it’s easier to be said than done, blogging isn’t a burden. It only seem to be a burden when you suppress your capacity to spill your thoughts. Yeah, technical challenges arise like poor internet connection, low signal, etc. But those should block you.

I have missed posting numerous entries, some which have been withering in the garden of my mind. I have regretted that I have allowed dilly-dallying, and it shackled me. It’ never late though. It’s like how we preserve Mother Earth. Awareness isn’t enough. There should be a progressive plan and action to do how to conserve resources and to maintain cleanliness and goodness of nature. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir

It takes an idea with motivation to keep blogging overflow.

Stagnation of mind is detrimental to mental health. Blogging is a nice way of filling your thoughts with courage and concern, and letting your ideas overflow. It’s not only for personal benefit, but for the benefit of readers in the blogosphere.

Behind any kind of confidence is conditioning and behind any inspiration is hard work. ~ Skeets Touhy



© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Google Images (1st & 3rd photos). 

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Mr. Pitch Perfect’s Musical Memento


That’s the best adjective to describe how I met Richard “Ian” Jacinto. I didn’t have any hint of his exceptional talent or fame when I first met him in the first week of February, 2015. I just thought he’s a model (which made him think I’m flattering him, haha!) Since he’s of good looks and height, and he has the American accent, it made me think he’s a balikbayan (expat) who’s venturing a modeling career.

Gracing a remarkable event at PGA Porsche Center.

Gracing a remarkable event at PGA Porsche Center.

I wouldn’t give the details of our first encounter, but thanks to his warmth and humility, the travel went fine having a good conversation along. I’ll feature him one day in my column, and I’m glad he’s accommodating. It’s a good thing to know a talented person, Mr. Pitch Perfect, as how is known for. But it’s better to be friends with a very promising artist who’s so humble and nice. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, he have kept the Filipino values, and I appreciate his parents for that. Being musically gifted, he preferred to establish his career here in our country and even took his music degree in University of the Philippines.

Saxophonist | Composer |Arranger

Saxophonist | Composer |Arranger

The first cover I watched among his numerous covers was Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, which has almost 155K views.

I just saw today his recent cover of “Love Me Like You Do” [Fifty Shades of Grey].

Get to know him more and watch more of his covers and T.V. appearances:
Facebook: Ian Jacinto
Twitter: RichardIanJ
Instagram: RichardIanJ
YouTube: rikirjjacinto

Aside from having corporate shows, he also accepts invitation to play at weddings, debut parties and other events, at a very reasonable rate. 😀

© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Ian Jacinto. Videos credit to Ian and Charms Jacinto, WeddingsTV & YouTube. This blog has a copyright . The photos and articles should not be used, reproduced and manipulated by any means without a written request and consent from the author.

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Graceful GROWTH

Daily Growth with NaBloPoMo

Daily Growth with NaBloPoMo

Since I bounce back from blog sulking for the nth time, I hope that this will be a fresh start, especially blogging in my BlogHer account. I had selective amnesia for about three years. Good thing I sought solution on my blogging problem.

I also joined WordPress’ “A Post A Day Challenge”, bracing myself with courage to conquer my procrastination. I checked out the daily prompts, and I prefer to focus on theme GROW for the month of April.

I noticed it late, so my official entry for the NaBloPoMo Challenge starts today, Day 10:

What support are you grateful you had as a child to help you grow?

Spiritual Support

Growing with a poverty-stricken family, I was quite deprived of both material and financial luxury. Glancing back my childhood days, I learned how to be contented and I’m grateful of how my parents thought us practical lessons.

Nothing compares to spiritual nourishment, my parents channeled to us from the Divine Vine. The Great Provider endowed us loving and caring parents who focused more on securing our eternal salvation, than showering us material possession.

There was a cute song which we often sing during  morning and evening worship. I taught this to some of my students in Vacation Bible Schools and Branch Sabbath Schools.

Read your Bible, pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday.

Read your Bible, pray everyday, and you grow, grow, grow.

And you grow, grow, grow. And you grow, grow, grow.

Read your Bible, pray everyday, and you grow, grow grow.

The message of the song has grown in my heart, even until now that I’m a young adult. The Holy Spirit showered me with inspiration to take God’s Word as a living food, which I need most for spiritual survival. Prayer, as the breath of the soul has been like oxygen.

On December 2013, the pillar of our family, my father, passed away. He left the best legacy for me and my siblings. The spiritual support would stay, although he took his deep slumber already.

Savoring Success

There are no parents who wouldn’t be happy to see their children succeed in life. Almost all parents care most for their family’s welfare, especially the kids’ future. But many miss the point of helping them savor their success, and for many of them don’t see the value, and don’t value the importance of spiritual security.

God’s grace is free. Why not accept and make use of this gift to grow into the person God wants us to be? I often ask this question myself, since I tend to abuse His gift when I choose to stagnate myself.

Here are some wonderful quotes I’ve read from my devotional this morning:

Growth in grace will not lead you to be proud, self-confident, and boastful, but will make you more conscious of your own nothingness, of your entire dependence upon the Lord. He who is growing in grace will be ever reaching heavenward, obtaining clear views of the fullness of the provisions of the gospel.  My Life Today, p.109

The Christian’s life is not a modification or improvement of the old, but a transformation of nature. There is a death to self and sin, and a new life altogether. This change can be brought about only by the effectual working of the Holy Spirit. DA 172.

I would be forever grateful, not only to my parents, but for the many spiritual people who contributed to my growth. In many aspects of my life, I am constantly growing everyday. Thanks to my family, friends and even acquaintances who made this life’s journey worth progressing.

Singing my heart out loud, "I WIll Stand as a Witness of Christ" as an appeal song. A ministry collaboration with Sandra Seifert, on her advocacy for health and modesty.

Singing my heart out loud, “I Will Stand as a Witness of Christ” as an appeal song. A ministry collaboration with Sandra Seifert, Miss Earth-Air 2009, on her advocacy for health and modesty.

How about you? What support are you grateful you had as a child to help you grow?

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Dual Citizenship

While many Filipinos would take all the chances to chase dual citizenship, many of them would shun by all means the looks of being senior citizen. For some Filipinos who are forever stuck in our country, they aren’t aware that they could also have dual citizenship when they turn 60 years old.

For men, there had been a famous maxim, “Life begins at forty”. If that’s literal, my late father had lived only 18 years. He’s still young if he’s still alive today. But he already rested in the Lord the other year, and he missed his dual citizenship today.

With nostalgia, I ran down memory lane and reminisce the wonderful moments with Papa Benny. His life has been full of lots of twists and turns as a growing teenager and more of those on his 20’s until he found and married Mama Linda. Life wasn’t a bed of roses, and yet, they had a fulfilling one that surpassed thorns and thistles.

I remember him cuddling us and laughing with us during family time. He’s a good storyteller. If you also find me as a good one, I got it from him (haha). Me and my siblings would memorize verses during family worship, and sing our hearts out. More children added to the family, and that meant more demands and needs, especially financially. He’s been a man of adventures, so from being a literature evangelist, he ventured out other trades and businesses, which demanded a lot of travel and sojourn to far and different places. Without his physical presence for many months, we’ve learned to be more independent and responsible children. My mom stood firm and fervent in faith, and strengthen the family, when the pillar isn’t there. My brother, at his young age helped out as well, and we’ve learned how to be more unified and dedicated to help each other til we grew, and until our parents grew old as well.

Throughout the most crucial years, with the most unfathomable crucibles we’ve encountered, God has been gracious and faithful to His promises. We’re indebted to God’s sustaining grace. We’re almost broken, but He put the shattered pieces together. We’re emotionally draining, but God’s love sustained and kept us holding on. We’re physically deteriorating, but God restored us, tho’ two among precious branches fell off, with half of the family tree trunk went six feet under already. The spiritual root, grounded in faith kept us standing still. The fiercest storm of life has passed by, we found shelter and peace in the bosom of the Loving Creator and Giver of Life.

On January 4th, our family reached another memorable milestone. My younger sister got married, and it could have been more meaningful and wonderful if three among our loved ones were still alive and have shared the joy of celebrating their marriage. I’m simply grateful for the new family that my sister Zola Fiorella got — Becbec family. I’m also proud of my wonder mom who’ve been strong and so loving. I remember our late father teasing Zola and I that we should be married soon and give them grandchildren. But he wasn’t able to witness her wedding. And even mine in the future, if that’s God’s will for me is.

Look alike but aren't twins. We've victimized a lot with confusion who's who, but that's never intentional. :) Stage sister ever for each other.

Look alike but aren’t twins. We’ve victimized a lot with confusion who’s who, but that’s never intentional. 🙂 Stage sister ever for each other.

To honor our late Papa Benny on his supposed-to-be 60th birthday today, I'm posting the highlight, our WonderWoman and SpiderMan.

To honor our late Papa Benny on his supposed-to-be 60th birthday today, I’m posting the highlight, our WonderWoman and SpiderMan.

"The sweetest type of heaven is a home where the Lord abides." ~ Ellen G. White

“The sweetest type of heaven is a home where the Lord abides.” ~ Ellen G. White

Starting 2015 with family togetherness and thanksgiving for blessings. :)

Starting 2015 with family togetherness and thanksgiving for blessings. 🙂

Celebrating life on 12-12-14, birthday of Franz. That's the same day of our late sister's death: 12-12-12. Life moves on.

Celebrating life on 12-12-14, birthday of Franz. That’s the same day of our late sister’s death: 12-12-12. Life moves on.

Family Day Out the day after ate Leah's cremation. Sort of celebrating despite the great loss.

Family Day Out the day after ate Leah’s cremation. Post b-day for JR three years ago (his b-day is on Dec.15th). Sort of celebrating despite the great loss.

As what I’ve heard and read again and again, you can never choose a family, or parents, but you can choose to accept them and love them unconditionally. God has a purpose for allowing things to happen. My birthday tribute for Papa last year was entitled,

PAIN: A Blessing Not Everyone Appreciates (click the title or the link below to read)

Our father has been gone for almost two years now, but his loving memory and special place in our hearts would remain. He might not enjoy the privileges of being a senior citizen starting today, but the citizenship in heaven in God’s appointed time is the best security he could have, and our family could have. I long for the great resurrection morning when I shall see and hug him again.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.” Philippians 3:20-21, NIV

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Irony of Life

"Life has to end," she said. "Love doesn't."

“Life has to end,” she said. “Love doesn’t.”

During my late father’s wake and after the burial, I felt again heaven’s comfort. I just cried big time after learning that my papa suddenly rested in peace in my mama’s loving arms, and when we informed that to my younger siblings.

A close friend was kinda worried coz I seemed chill even I’ve got a sudden loss. I never cried all throughout even during his internment and after. I guess, my tear ducts were just drained after profound losses. I had chosen to surrender the turbulence within and were granted peace.

“Take time to grieve”, he said. “Breakdown if you need to…cry and let go of the pain…then stand and go on with life…”. It’s one of the most comforting advices, knowing how true that it’s essential part of life. After all, tears are a language which Jesus understands.
For no one understands like Jesus! He’s a friend beyond compare.

Here’s my sister Zola’s gift to my mom, I appreciate it so much. I also spend time contemplatively reading the therapeutic messages and testimonials of others who’ve gone the same predicament.
Then, it dawned on me, I will be more vulnerable today, remembering Papa Benny’s 1st death anniversary, and 11 days later, my late sister Leah’s 2nd.

Learning the healthy way to grieve. :)

Learning the healthy way to grieve. 🙂

There’s Joy in the Morning

I love brisk walking as much as I love running. It’s very interesting how this tree arrested my attention from afar.
Ironically, the tree seemed dying, having been bald of its leaves of verdure. Yet, some of its flowers bloom gracefully. What a prolific illustration of the season of life!
As long as we’re rooted and grounded in Jesus, our Loving Gardener, we’ll still bloom amid the storm of life. We can defy the withering due to crazy weather as well!

Almost bald of its leaves of verdure, yet its flowers bloom gracefully. What an irony!

Almost bald of its leaves of verdure, yet its flowers bloom gracefully. What an irony!

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