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Wanderful Wordsmith

For the past few weeks, I’ve scribbled my musings, and yet failed to blog about them. Then came an impression to jump start a new blog, Wanderful Wordsmith. This made me excited earlier last week. While I can’t consistently blog here in my main blog, I have a new one to catch up with. That could be really challenging, but I am hoping to really keep it updated with inspiring posts.

A wandering wordsmith who chases her musings.

A wandering wordsmith who chases her musings.

So, what’s in Wanderful Wordsmith for you? If you’re a travel and nature enthusiast, you’ll surely look forward to reading some of my adventures. And you might as well love the virtual tour you’ll experience through my hotel and resort reviews, and wonderful places I’ve been.

Wanderful Wordsmith was conceptualized on the third week of June 2015. “Wanderful” simply means full of wanderings, and “wordsmith”, a writer. Its niche is focused, and yet, not limited on traveling and writing. Here are the entries and topics:
Surreal Sojourn – travel and adventures, hotel and resort reviews
Runner’s Reverie – running musings and race reviews
Curly Bookworm – book reviews and author features (throwback posts from main blog)
Ethereal Epiphany – spiritual insight and introspection
Potpourri of Poetry – poems and poet features
Wishful Writer– blogging and writing, advocacy and product reviews

This blog is dedicated to my late father who already rested from his life’s journey. His passion of traveling and wandering had left a lasting impact on me and my family. I missed my father so much, she could just rely on the Heavenly Father.

On Father’s Day, I jump started the new website to honor my calling as an apprentice of the Heavenly Author:
Chasing chances to change the world through the Word – one reader at a time.

This time, I’m very intentional. I will limit blogging here. So, I encourage you to follow and subscribe to my new blog:



© 2015 LAF


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It takes an idea with motivation to keep blogging overflow.

If you’ve noticed, I skipped more than a week of blogging. I consider myself a prodigal blogger, although I told myself, I will be consistent especially this month. With the theme, GROWTH, I still considered myself a bit ‘bonsai’.

“Let bygones be bygones.”

With today’s prompt: “What has been the easiest part of blogging?” I realized that procrastination has been hindering me to meet my goal – to blog daily, or as often as I can. The easiest part of blogging is when you let your idea overflow and be spontaneous. It’s good to have a theme, when you are supplied with prompts to have a directive. Joining a community of blogger like BlogHer is also an inspiration. You don’t only grow as a professional blogger, but you’ll be acquainted with awesome ones. Your blog also grow with your influence.

Earth Day Enthusiasm

While the world celebrates environmental awareness and Earth Day, I’ve got a thrill to till my blog’s soil. There’s a lot of potentials and resources to use in order to grow. Although it’s been true that it’s easier to be said than done, blogging isn’t a burden. It only seem to be a burden when you suppress your capacity to spill your thoughts. Yeah, technical challenges arise like poor internet connection, low signal, etc. But those should block you.

I have missed posting numerous entries, some which have been withering in the garden of my mind. I have regretted that I have allowed dilly-dallying, and it shackled me. It’ never late though. It’s like how we preserve Mother Earth. Awareness isn’t enough. There should be a progressive plan and action to do how to conserve resources and to maintain cleanliness and goodness of nature. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir

Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir

It takes an idea with motivation to keep blogging overflow.

Stagnation of mind is detrimental to mental health. Blogging is a nice way of filling your thoughts with courage and concern, and letting your ideas overflow. It’s not only for personal benefit, but for the benefit of readers in the blogosphere.

Behind any kind of confidence is conditioning and behind any inspiration is hard work. ~ Skeets Touhy



© 2015 LAF

Note: Photos credit to Google Images (1st & 3rd photos). 

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Transformed at Two!

What’s with the sudden change?

I’ve got a special reason to do so.

On August 13, (U.S. time), I received a special notification that I failed to notice. So the following day, ’twas a eureka moment! 🙂

Anniversary Trophy

WP Anniversary Trophy

“Happy Anniversary!
You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

Actually, I registered earlier on August 9, 2011. My first entry was about a devotional delight — LOVE OUT LOUD!

Kindly click the title of the entry to read:

Terse Soliloquy

My main objective in blogging here at WordPress is to be of great witness to the mysterious metamorphosis our Creator could perform, to do the literal transformation in our lives.

To stop me from writing/blogging means to take life itself. Writing is not just my therapeutic craft, especially when our family was in crazy crucibles. Writing is my tool to liberate the unshackled change in me. Through my musings and epiphanies, I pray that I will be a channel of blessing and inspiration. And through this blog, in a simple way, I wanna challenge the readers to constantly behold the Creator who sustains the nature’s processes.

Other trophies received within the two-year period.

*Trophy Case*

“My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘em.” ~WordPress

Like Trophy for reaching 50 likes in posts on September 30, 2012

FOLLOWER Trophy *for reaching 50 blog followers on 8.30.12 – more than a year ago!

LIKE Trophy *for receiving 200 likes in the posts on 6.27.12

LIKE Trophy *for receiving 200 likes in the posts on 6.27.12 – more than a year ago!

I wished I was not that occupied and had spent time updating my blog in a regular basis. But days were shorter than I could imagine! I wasn’t able to chase the time.

Terrific Traffic

The chaotic whirlwind of event that led to the tragic loss of AUP struck my blog too! With the two blog entries dedicated to AUP family, especially the bereaved families of three the victims, my blog stat was transformed too! Suddenly, it rose, from hundreds to 3,232 views and 4,892 views respectively:

"Flushed by a Flash Flood"

August 29, 2013 – “Flushed by a Flash Flood”

August 30 - "Scars Wounded Afresh"

August 30 – “Scars Wounded Afresh”

Glory and praises to the Author of Life! I never imagined there would be a quasi-tidal wave in my blog stats. And I’m so grateful for your support! For the time spent reading, viewing and sharing my posts. Without the readers, this blog is in vain.

At present, the total views are 24.735, there are 333 approved comments, 91 posts, 70 blog followers, 559 Twitter and Facebook followers. Curly Bookworm got viewers/readers from 138 countries all over the world.

Thrilled Bookworm

It was overwhelming to realize how time slipped so fast! 🙂

Curly Bookworm meets Red Bookworm

Curly Bookworm meets Red Bookworm

This photo was taken at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. ‘Twas taken on 2011, while strolling around with friends. I’ve finally decided to change the header of my blog to give a more significant look 🙂

transformed... unshackled... set free!

transformed… unshackled… set free!

This photo was taken by Jefferson Clark, a friend in U.S., taken in their yard. They have a huge farm, and these monarch butterflies are having a nap, caught unaware.

This is more about the theme of this blog: Metamorphosis in Progress. I’ve experienced a transformation and it’s a progressive one. Here’s an introspection about it: “Unshackled Change”

Towards the Mark

Great is thy Faithfulness!

Great is thy Faithfulness!

In 2009, I was recognized and was given “Faithful Journalist Award”, as the Managing Editor of the UV Journal. (I served UV as a writer for 4 yrs.)

It meant a lot to me. ♥

As an apprentice of the Author of Life, it’s been my sincere desire since I’ve realized I was “called to write”, to keep being faithful in the publishing ministry and in serving AUP & our church.

I’m humbled with the appreciations of my ministry.

Thanks a lot! To God be the glory!

Kindly keep me in prayers. 🙂

Here are some memento of my writing seminar and workshops:

receiving my great souvenir, the certificate :) at my right are Roy Adams, Associate Editor of Adventist World and Adventist Review, and Mrs. Lilibeth Casel, the Philanthropic Director of the Adventist University of the Philippines (she's now the PR Director as well)

receiving the certificate 🙂 sandwiched by Steven Chavez & Roy Adams, Associate Editor of Adventist World and Adventist Review, and Mrs. Lilibeth Casel, the Philanthropic Director of the Adventist University of the Philippines (PR Director as well) November 11-12, 2009: SSD-wide “Adventist World” Writing Seminar, CLC

reunion with University Voice alumni, Chipz Marvie and Chipz Lynn
July 2, 2009: CLC-wide Editors and Writers Workshop, Philippine Publishing House

keeping the Adventist Journalism creed by heart

keeping the Adventist Journalism creed by heart (February 2007: during the Tertiary Press Conference, angel Hills, Tagaytay City)

© 2013 LAF

Photos credit: Mark Mole, Lynn Rivamonte andKevin Lagrada.


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