ABOUT The Woman Behind a Book

Not fond of hide and seek anymore…

Loquacious, but fond of soliloquy.

Simple, yet fascinated by elegance.


your bookworm-next-door

Missionary by heart,
Teacher by vocation,
Poet by inspiration,
Singer by persuasion,
Writer by profession,
Blogger by passion,
Bookworm by obsession,
Runner by motivation,
Traveler by introspection,

As a lover of literature, Lailanie calls herself a bookworm. She could finish a book in one sitting. Once she was hooked with a 377-page book that she juggled reading it with house chores and personal routine for ten hours. She is fond of Jane Austen‘s wit and prowess, England’s literary genius. But she’s more than amazed of America’s well-published SDA Christian author, Ellen G. White. She was more than blessed of her numerous books in various topics…and she gained more inspiration to write.

‎”Tis the good reader that makes the good book.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“A writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader and from the reader the writer learns.” - P. L. Travers

“A writer is, after all, only half his book. The other half is the reader and from the reader, the writer learns.” – P. L. Travers

Curly as you could vividly imagine, her artistic and creative ideas can’t surpass the natural beauty of the Life’s Author’s open book, nature. Butterflies are indeed significant with her  personality. She was amazed at the mystery of metamorphosis where she gained object lesson and inspiration about character development. She still considers herself an irksome and slow caterpillar, and yet hoping one day, she would be transformed into a picturesque butterfly and soar higher above the clouds of mediocrity.

“Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things become new.” 2 corinthians 5:17

Give me more sunshine of Your righteousness, give me more rain of Your Holy Spirit, I wanna grow more with You, my tender and loving Gardener! I want to spend my life lookin’ up at YOU!

As a wordsmith, she used numerous pseudonyms and had been a ghostwriter as well. The desideratum of scribbling an open billet-doux through this blog is to share God’s unfathomable and unchanging love. Join her as she ventures the vicissitudes of life!

 * Photos redits: 1. Crystal Kim, taken at JDML, AUP/ 2. Anthony Esguerra, taken at the University of the Philippines – Diliman on June 6, 2010/ 3. Jeniebe Bailado, taken at Paseo de Sta. Rosa on August 2011/ 4. Anthony Esguerra, taken at Trinoma on June 6, 2010/ 5&6 (nature photos) Cynthia Gaye Rahm-Clark, taken at their awesome sunflower field and orchard in Nebraska. ^_^

© 2011 LAF


Meanwhile, Curly Bookworm has transformed into Straightened Bookworm. But it isn’t permanent. 🙂

metamorphosis :) temporary straight

metamorphosis 🙂

She’s also shared the passion of advocacy with some NGO’s, startups, and social entrepreneurship which promote compassion; helping impoverished people, both young kids, and young-at-heart adults.

  • BAG943 is a mission-driven business that incorporates social responsibility by adhering to a “Buy One. Give One.” promise through a social arm called BAG OF DREAMS Project. For every BAG943 purchase, another bag is given to an impoverished child from its pool of adopted public schools across the country.

Humbled to have supported AmBAG campaign as a creative blogger, and buyer of BAG 943. 🙂

© 2016 LAF


34 responses to “ABOUT The Woman Behind a Book

  1. Hi Lailanie! this is cool… i dont know how to start my own blog after seeing this. huhu. I was inspired by your works but i dont think i’ll be able to make it as inspiring and as informative like this… HAhaha… well, be ready for my future questions when I start to make my own… please help me… 😀

  2. Hi My Pako’! thanks a lot for the appreciation and for taking time to read my blog posts! 🙂 In your own creative ways you can make an awesome one! For sure, you will touch others too! I just love your artistic crafts and great photos during your travels, they are worth sharing!

    I’m very much willing to help my furniture and interior designer friend 🙂 Let’s bring it on!

  3. AJ

    Hi Curly! (Can I call you that?) Thanks for dropping in my blog. Looking forward to reading your musings. Dunno yet what your blog is about, but based on this salvo of a self-intro, I think I’ll like it. 🙂

    • Hello AJ! I’m kinda astonished, you gave me a new nick name! yes you can call me Curly 🙂 likey-likey!
      You’re welcome! I’m more than grateful for your time spent in visiting my blog. Find it out as you read my posts 🙂 Hope you’ll really like it haha!

  4. Dear Curly:

    Thanks for the comment on AJ’s blog on the name Deborah. I have replied to your comment. I am still to navigate around your blog. I shall do so as the days go on.

    Unitil the next time, take care.

    Joy always,
    Susan Deborah

    • Hi Deborah!

      Twas great hearing from you! You’re welcome!
      Thanks for dropping by, hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts 🙂
      Take care too! More power to your endeavors! ^_^

      ~Curly Lai

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I love your blog. Butterflies are so pretty and you behind the book too.

    • Hi Jackie!
      You’re welcome! I’m more than grateful when I visited yours because it is very helpful and very fascinating!
      Thanks for appreciating the beauty of my favorite mirthful-winged creatures, as well as my photo! 🙂


    • I have to say I am a Christian and hope to become a author, thanks for coming by and the comment on my blog “what led to my divorce” and I became a Christian in 1990. I am a total bookworm too..wish we lived near each other, I am so grateful for the way of blogging to build friendships. You are an inspiration to all of us.

      • Yes you are! You have a strong faith and your relationship with Jesus empowers you! I am thrilled to read more of your works! Your testimony is strong and I believe many women who have the same predicament would be strengthened too!

        I also wish we are neighbors so we could share our books and have book exchange 🙂 Thanks again for the appreciation! I’m also thankful for this means of connecting! I’m blessed to be your friend! 🙂

  6. I love your blog! It’s so cute and attractive! Also I’m reading Steps to Christ by E.G. White so I was kind of excited to see her mentioned here 😉

    • Wow! I’m delighted to know you’re reading that awesome book! Steps to Christ helped me to grow more in faith and to walk with my Best Friend, Jesus! Your appreciation is well appreciated! ^_^ Enjoy reading! 🙂

  7. hi curly u create a unique topic to blog with i appreciate it

  8. Very beautiful, and I love all the pictures!

  9. Loved to read about you! I am always curious about people and I am in shock that someone could love books this badly.
    you are so BOOK’d 😉 🙂

    Its a good reader that makes a good book. – well said by Ralph! and excellent used by you 🙂

    • Hi Sharvil!

      I was fascinated about knowing you’re shocked that someone could love books badly 🙂 Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and to leave heart-warming comment 🙂 It took me awhile to respond.
      God bless your endeavors!


  10. Hello Lalaine 🙂 Nice to discover your page 🙂 Where do you live?

  11. Verlene

    Hi there, Curly! I’ve chosen you as one of the nominees for the Sunshine award! Congratulations! Here’s the link to it:

  12. Hi Verlene! Appreciation appreciated! I’m overwhelmed to receive the first blog award from you! Grateful that in my little way of blogging my epiphanies, you were one of those who were positively and creatively inspired. More power!

  13. Hey Bookworm! I was going through my recent followers and read through your blog. It is beautiful. I dig your spirit and your character. Keep up the good posts!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

  14. It’s nice to meet you personally bookworm. Im grateful to God for your talent. Keep writing.. (i’ll keep reading)

    • Thanks for the appreciation and for the time reading my posts Pastor! 🙂 It’s nice seeing and knowing you personally. Thanks for sharing my link to your website. 🙂 til then!

  15. hi lailanie akalain mo ganito ka pala, my God continue to bless you!

  16. Hey there Curly Bookworm. I have read many blogs but this one is on a class of its own. You have a natural talent and a fascinating story. I came here after seeing your about.me page, which was intriguing. I too like reading. I had quite a large collection of books but as I am in the process of moving, I donated almost all of them to charity; it was difficult for me to part with them. Retro science fiction is currently my favourite genre. Anyway, keep up the good work. John Toal.

    • Hi there Sir John!

      Appreciation is much appreciated! thanks a lot for your time spent browsing my blog and complimenting on my craft. I also am fascinated with your expertise and it’s fun to have met you in About.Me.

      Retro science fiction is superb, although it’s not my main genre of interest. I’m happy to have known that you donated books to charity and have somehow related with the art of letting go with precious possessions.

      More power! 😀

  17. Curly line: Creative one
    I am more inspired to create my own blog and pursue my interest and passion for writing any stuff that can touch lives.

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